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Club nameClwb Ifor Bach(the welsh club)
LocationSouth Glamorgan
Street Address/DirectionsWombemby? Street, same street as toucan club and model inn(old necroscope). opposite the castle
DescriptionTuesdays-It's getting better-good mix of rock&assorted other goth type stuff.
Need to be a member(but it only costs a )
Opening Hours9 'til 2
Submitted byRaw_neon
Submitted on:2001-03-09
User comments
Submitted by:glammygoth / 2001-03-15
Yep, and I D.J, it's really picking up again, I strongly recommend y'all come along Love from me xxx (Rated)

Submitted by:Glitter / 2001-03-15
Womanby street-yes tuesdays are looking up now the likes of dean and dave are djing.And if you prefer something a little lighter or indie on wednesdays they hold an indie night upstairs+ cheese pop downstairs

Submitted by:tatyana / 2001-05-10
good night out all round, nice atmosphere

Submitted by:Lenski / 2002-05-28
Don't even need to be a member anymore.

Submitted by: / 2002-09-19
I must just say the Tuesday night is prob by far the best rock/goth night around ... not really trad goth, but they seem to play a fairly wide variety of metal (depends on which DJ it is). Also very friendly... they even sang me happy birthday! Shame there isn't more club nights like this and in a better venue! Cardiff needs a new decent rock club somewhere please!!

Submitted by: / 2003-01-28
Prob the best rock/metal night in Cardiff. Very friendly and just tell them its your birthday and see what happens! The stairs are a hike if you're lazy or can't see after a few pints like me, but its definitely worth it.

Submitted by:David-in-Cardiff / 2003-05-29
It's very rock/metal, though, and not very goth. Can be relied upon for Marilyn Manson at least once in an evening. A good place with a nice atmosphere - whether it is breathable or not is another matter.

Submitted by:Charlfoo / 2003-07-29
I agree with coma...the best alternative night so MS1's lucifer fetish night nice and cheap and not too full of mini bastrds

Submitted by:phenyl_fairy / 2003-08-01
Hmm, I used to think that Tuesday night in Welsh Club was great, but now (xxx)rated doesn't DJ there much anymore I think Sin is a much better night for goths... But I suppose it's always nice to have something to do on a Tuesday night!

Submitted by:glammygoth / 2003-08-17
ermm..... ok, well I don't remember stopping playing there as I'm pretty sure I'm playing nigh on every week and there's sure as hell more goth that gets played at Rock Inferno than anywhere else in Cardiff.

Submitted by:sangwin / 2003-08-21
Tuesday night is cool. I was headbanging so much that I ached for days afterwards. Not very goth, but you can always laugh at the hair metal guys .

Submitted by:..Blasphemous.Grrl.. / 2003-11-20
pretty cool place and i've never seemed to get too warm there. always a bonus ^_^

Submitted by:StrapsAndPins / 2003-12-16
A nice big room and great drink prices, you'll feel at home here. Can be dominated by drum and bass nights, but a nice place for bands to play.

Submitted by:conradmonster / 2003-12-22
Glammygoth is no longer a DJ here due to his move. There isn't as much goth played anymore but they do play some really good industrial rock music which can't be faulted. The DJ's are friendly and quite happy to play your CD even if they haven't heard the song before.

Submitted by:crazy evil dude / 2004-02-05
I was there the other night and my heart broke at what it seems to have become. A hit-singles night with some bad dance music. RIP the Cardiff metal scene

Submitted by:the_laughing_gnome / 2004-04-17
More metal than goth,but a friendly atmosphere and it's quite cheap.Dance music doesn't generally get played on a tuesday night.Although occasionally they do play some good industrial tunes.Fairly good night out for metallers and goths alike.

Submitted by:crazy evil dude / 2004-04-20
"good industrial tunes"? - as I said bad dance music. This place has it's up and downs, and unfortunatly that's one of the downs. All I ask is for them to a) play a Megadeth song other than their cover of Paranoid b) an Anthrax song other then Inside Out and c) an Iron Maiden song thats never been released as a single. Ain't gonna happen tho

Submitted by:crazy evil dude / 2004-06-02
I take back anything bad I've said about Tuesdays, since last night they played 3 Megadeth songs and none of them were the Paraniod cover... and there was a non-single Maiden song... still did Inside Out but I'll forgive them that.

Submitted by:charlotte_goth / 2005-04-11
i have only been once and i have got to say i had a really fun night. I cant belive that its on my doorstep and i have never been before. theydidnt play much goth but the people were friendly, drinks cheap and i met new goths from cardiff, brill

Submitted by:territorialbadger / 2006-06-28
i went here recently, it was a good club for mindless fun and dancing but no goth.

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