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Club nameBristol Bierkeller
Club webpageBristol Bierkeller
Street Address/DirectionsAll Saints Street
Streetmap URLAvailable here
DescriptionWednesday nights - Planet X
A night of Hard Edged Alternative including Goth, Industrial & Digital Hardcore, from DJ's Evil D & Missing Link plus live music every week.
Opening Hours8pm to 2am
Submitted bybierkeller
Submitted on:2001-03-05
User comments
Submitted by: / 2001-07-22
Friday nights are goth/rock/industrial night... unfortunately well known for not being too strict on age checks so gets a large crowd of angst ridden teenagers. Still a good night though.

Submitted by:divineangel / 2002-08-14
Really good venue layout and sizewise. Haven't been on a Friday for some time, but hear it's a punk night these days. Look out for Whiplash, a new monthly event though, rock, goth and industrial music across the ages.

Submitted by:cicada / 2002-08-15
I drove 50 miles to get to this club - and I was not disapointed. I've only been once but it is was a great night with a fantastic atmosphere.

Submitted by:Rexifer / 2002-12-29
I come here on Friday nights when I'm visiting friends in Bristol... You get a free shot of your choice with every pint so it's definitely worth checking out.

Submitted by:Cybagoth / 2003-03-13
Been there, and it was frighteningly like the union bar in kent, only bigger... this is not a good thing, you understand... Far to many 'diddy grungers'... yep... and angst ridden teenagers... and the bouncers would except a crisp packet for ID. Maybe it's good on the nights I've not been there?

Submitted by:screaming_skull / 2003-03-18
not just every pint.. tis with every drink you buy ;o)

Submitted by:boneshaker / 2003-03-23
yeah - I have to agree with everyone here... it's a great venue & I like Friday nights for other reasons ;) ai!

Submitted by:Majitsu-Peach / 2003-05-25
Quite like this place. It may not be perfect but at least it's better than the cooler, or worse still, The Academy (ewww, get away from me). Occasionaly way too much crappy punk gets played which is quite annoying. BTW, the bouncers don't appreciate water fights.

Submitted by:ed-kase / 2003-06-07
Good lil' club. Shame about the odd punk track slipping in here and there. But the atmosphere is excellent, and most of the peeps are really friendly :)

Submitted by:OpheliaMachina / 2003-07-01
Primarily- FREE SHOTS, dear god it nearly killed me. Good clean fun tho...Go with ppl who don't drink spirits. And annoy the monkey behind the bar. Few unexpected tracks, not too commonly heard, but all the usual cack of an "alternative" club (a dirty word) Too many mini metallers, but meh, what can u do? (CATTLE PROD)x

Submitted by:miss_mandi / 2003-09-12
went for a sputnik gig, and thought the place was pretty nice! people who worked there were lovely, apart from some bar staff... ending up paying nearly 6 on 2 like quarter shots of baileys in sperm shaped bottles [?!?!] for friends. gimmicks eh.

Submitted by:EvilMonkey / 2003-11-23
hey! the bar staff are great, well the ones that stay longer that 2 weeks anyway. and we dont make the prices on drinks we just sell them...

Submitted by:OpheliaMachina / 2004-02-02
Hope it's still good, watch out for me this friday, i will be dressed up and out to annoy and destroy! (or just get drunk and fall over) x

Submitted by:OpheliaMachina / 2004-02-12
Well, i did it, i fell over! AND managed to break my wrist! well done me :/ good music, nice atmosphere, friendly ppl, but a wet floor, and the longest que for any bar on the planet. Busy. But, YEAH! Great, if you wear non slippery shoes :S x

Submitted by:link / 2004-05-10
we now do this night at the mandrake on a thursday, ok we have changed the name but tis still the same dj's

Submitted by:sickness / 2004-09-30
What can one say about the bristol bier keller.. Not MUCH apart from this is the best club to go for a great night out! not much more i can say until i can sober up and that wont be very soon

Submitted by:SUCKERLOVE / 2004-11-12
bier kellers so great!!! whenever im downtown friday night this is my first and last place to go. Great atmosphere and friendly staff. A most for Me....

Submitted by:Delabane / 2004-11-14
Recently went here for the first time to see Cauda Pavonis and a few other bands. It's a decently sized, dingy dark venue. Shame the toilets were a bit groggy and bar prices were somewhat high so I heard (I don't drink alcohol).

Submitted by:OpheliaMachina / 2004-12-16
Been going here on and off in the last few years, and i think it's really gone down hill. There were no stand out tracks, nothing even vaguly goth, or any stand out people. I hope it improves :( *x*

Submitted by:SUCKERLOVE / 2005-05-10
(went the other day for the 1st time since 2004-11-12, still awesome on friday nights, good music like):-/

Submitted by:Stormvixen / 2005-08-25
i went a couple of fridays ago... some guy came on to me and of course me being drunk... i couldnt stop him... my boyf wanted to kill him... it feels like im home when im there, its where i belong.

Submitted by:missmalice / 2005-10-04
Still going strong on friday nights with guest djing spot from Miss Malice,plus a cage to dance in and intresting things to watch!!Much fun!!

Submitted by:OpheliaMachina / 2005-10-31
They suddenly decided to I.D everyone who'd been going there years on halloween, but it seemed to only be the people (who weren't normal looking/tarty girls.) I doubt we missed much, it's usually ok, nothing special, but there aren't many alternatives for a friday night!

Submitted by:OpheliaMachina / 2006-03-03
I just, completely, totally, give up on this place. I know the smarter of you did a long time ago, but i'm not that smart, or in bristol that often (excuses, excuses) But if you're looking for anything even slightly goth, avoid. This is a meat market for emo kids.

Submitted by:missmalice / 2006-03-17
Seeing as it`s not really even a goth club you can`t really moan. As for I.D`ing,well,that is due to the police doing more check ups hence everyone who looks under 21 will get the i.d treament.

Submitted by:nothing666 / 2006-04-10
I would go more but the sound system always gives me a headache. I always have to wait a least 15mins at the bar to buy a drink. Needs more bar staff. The free shots deal sounds good but its evil cheap stuff I would rather have 30p of the price of my beer. Wow im negative today!

Submitted by:Delabane / 2006-04-23
Now that Zone is no more this is pretty much the most 'generic' of Bristol's alternative clubs right now. If you like metal/rock/punk then you should like this club.

Submitted by:k_professional_widow / 2006-08-01
I go here quite alot, and I used to work here. I have to admit, it's not great and it's full of emo and punk kids now, but now Zone is gone, its the only place I can go to dance :( We need a proper goth or industrial club night in Bristol.

Submitted by:Delabane / 2008-09-14
I haven't personally been for many a year but I have friends who go to the gigs (The Birthday Massacre, Emily Autumn) who say its excellent for gig venues. In terms of a club the above comments pretty much apply, this is still Bristol's main weekly alternative club, still on Friday evenings. The DJ (Miss Malice) is a fine DJ and does play some goth music when she can, but this is not a goth club and nor does it advertise itself to be.

Submitted by:missmalice / 2011-04-19
Friday nights are PHUCT nights,which play Metal,Alt Metal,Rock,etc.. 9pm-4am.You will get i.d like in any other place,at least you know they are now 18 and over in there.Free shot with every drink brought.But yup,no Goth on friday but fine it you want to headbang and have fun.Halloween is always a good hoot.

Submitted by:Delabane / 2013-10-02
Many of Bristol's goths probably 'cut their teeth' at this club so to say. Its for the younger crowd though.

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