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Club nameSpiders
Club webpageSpiders
Street Address/Directions9 Cleveland Street. Actually it's on the edge of an area of light industry with one obscure and infrequent bus service. Don't even think about walking if you don't know the way. Just get in a taxi and ask for Spiders... they all know where it is.
DescriptionPretty much the only vaguely gothic club in Hull. Fridays are mainly student nights and doesn't it show. Saturdays are mainly for locals and it's then that you'll see a fair number of goths, punks... non-townies in general. Music can be bloody good or slightly disappointing, depending in part upon what's requested. Very, very cheap, even for Hull.
Opening Hours9:30 - 2:30 friday & saturday
Phone Number01482-326698
Submitted bywintermute
Submitted on:2000-09-10
User comments
Submitted by:wintermute / 2001-03-04
The URL has been changed from the unofficial Spiders site, maintained by a barman, to the official one, maintained by the owner.

Submitted by:Ebb / 2001-03-07
vodka at the last price when i was there was 20p a shot!!! i love this place due to the price, and the music is ok i guess

Submitted by:wintermute / 2001-06-12
There's now an unofficial Spiders website at

Submitted by: / 2001-10-07
Insanely cheap drinks, but even still a remarkably good atmosphere. The least violent club in Hull, somewhere you can go and just enjoy a good night. The weirdest laid out club I've ever seen! Four bars, good ol'fashioned music upstairs, all the good Indie downstairs. Agreed with the description, Saturday's are the best nights. Memebership for a pound for five years! Not to be sneezed at. Music can be excellent or disappointing, get your reqeusts in by midnight!

Submitted by:Kandi / 2001-10-28
I so love this place. When I moved to Hull from Newcastle, I was kinda missing hanging out in a place like this, full of fellow weirdos - hehehehe - anyway - this place is coolies. I don't drink alcohol - but I know that every drink in this place is cheap - my mates get drunk from under 10 - this includes entry and ya kebab afterwards!!!

Submitted by:Unicron / 2001-12-11
I stayed in Hull for a week about two years ago, and went to this club twice. Ok, so I haven't been there much, but I was impressed. It's the most incredible place inside, wrought iron spider's webs everywhere, hundreds of dark little corners, maze-like layout, 4 (!) bars serving lots of different cocktails as well as normal drinks, plus 2 dancefloors. Fridays are very quiet, but that just means more of our kind of music. Saturday is much livelier, but there's still plenty of good music. If I owned a club, I'd want it to be like this one...

Submitted by:Star Brite / 2002-03-03
Looks good but the sound system is shite and it's full of too many trendy students if you know what I mean. The drinks are unusall and cheap which is a good thing.

Submitted by:Evillittlebitch / 2002-03-17
Cheap drinks, lovely cheap drinks! Nice lighting. Nice cages. Nice floor. Nice but cheeky people - OI! phil! a brilliant place, until now I was a spiders virgin, but I'm very happy and cannot wait to go again, once I have recovered from beforehand. The music was not perfect when I went though, I have to say. but then again I'm a miserable bugger sometimes.

Submitted by:Grimly / 2002-05-13
Is being upright a problem for you? Then go to spiders. 5 quid and upright is so not a problem. Be prepared for very varying music and fighting to get to the bar. But all in all the best club i've ever visited.

Submitted by:Simon_of_Bretonnia / 2002-09-03
This place would be sooo much better if they had a decent music policy. Don't look for a cross-section of goth music here because you won't get it, and I've never heard *any* ebm or industrial. Mostly what's on offer is indie, a bit of metal plus the odd token Prodigy song. Having said that, the atmosphere is usually very good, the drinks are cheap and potent and there are much worse nights out to be had. Recommended.

Submitted by:gothmarcus / 2002-09-09
Not so much goth as alternative-friendly, the music choices of the DJs are questionable, but they are request-friendly :) And the drinks are the cheapest I've ever seen!!

Submitted by:wintermute / 2002-10-14
Friday nights are a bit different now, with half of the club closed off. Numbers are low but there's now live music (local bands) on the first friday of every month. Doors open early on those nights.

Submitted by:CAEDES / 2002-10-19
I've been frequenting the place for years now and it still makes me come back for more. No two nights are ever alike, or remotely similar. V. cheap; great people/atmosphere.....the only place in the city where going to the cloakroom and asking for a trench coat is received with the question...."which one?" To put the quirkiness of the place into perspective, i ordered a tyzer in a pub in Hornsea and, upon describing the contents, was asked if i was sane....nuff said!

Submitted by:count_libido / 2003-02-26
I was a student in Hull about 10 years ago and I lived in that place at the weekends. Also Silhouettes off Spring Bank. Great cheap drinks and brilliant music & atmos. I went back last summer as I'd been away for 10 years and the place hadn't changed. I would say that on the day I went, the crowd weren't as 'alternative' as I remembered, but it was in the middle of summer and no students were around.

Submitted by:lilac_honey / 2003-03-05
Having not been home in a long long time I haven't been here for a fair while, as I remember it way back when *giggles* it was a great place to go, if just for the atmosphere. Drinks were cheap and the music was quite good too :)

Submitted by:pervy_filth / 2003-03-21
hmmm.. Spiders. A few peopl on here already know my opinion. Can't complain at the prices, but the music and crowding makes this place copmarable to hell (not in a good way!) to me. But then I can be an antisocial miserable bugger at times. Unfortunately, still the best alternative club in Hull. Unless you like metal, then it's the Room. IMHO. *Ducks and covers from incoming disagreements*

Submitted by:midiansvamp / 2003-04-13
drunkness a certainy music well, after drinking so much everyone dances to anything right ?

Submitted by:mistressedurera / 2003-05-09
yeah its nice :) i love the cheap drinks :) even though the vodka tastes of paint stripper ;)

Submitted by:Vorla_Husian / 2003-05-22
Mixed feelings about this place, on the one hand I can aford a lot more alcohicy (all the usual puns are intended) but the fact that townies think it's cool to be 'seen' in there and only go to impress their mates and don't understand that most of us go to get away from them 'cos they can be complete idiots, puts me off sometimes. I go to listen to the music, have a couple of drinks (get absolutly drunk), and get away from the usual crowd that think it's funny to gang up on anyone that doesn't fit into their idea of 'normality'. Most nights it's a good night so I would say spiders is good. Keep it up staff.

Submitted by:Evillittlebitch / 2003-06-04
Recently this place has gone downhill due to the huge influx of townies and underage kiddies in there nowadays, which has lead to more commercial rubbish played rather than olderstuff, its better on fridays, more like an alternative pub, less idiots, better crown and better music! (thankyou vix) the cure and the damned were played recently, and some more old metal, iron maiden and metallica! I say we throw out all the idiots and re-make the eclipse/trog bar (much to my dismay I was to young to go when hull was in its prime)

Submitted by:wintermute / 2003-06-11
I went in on a friday for the first time in months and it was good. Much more like it used to be years ago. Good atmosphere, less (almost none) of the nu-metal, fewer kids with their older siblings' ID. The place is still half closed off but numbers are increasing and the graduall defection from saturday nights of the older customers may well be a life saver for the club, resurrecting its glory days. I for one will be going back on a friday night.

Submitted by:CAEDES / 2003-06-15
Spiders has changed. I've been going for years, but now i feel like an outsider. The place is just too packed and hot. The new beer garden is ok, but needs more seats. Music is getting (a lot) worse and is, frankly, just too loud for such a poor sound system. The place is even starting to lose its "spiders personality" and "aura".

Submitted by:Monu / 2003-06-22
Just remember to be nice to the staff, we have a hard job to do, dealing with you lot. So should you hear the scream 'Mind your backs please!' try to move, as no doubt someone will be along carrying several bags of ice, or a couple of crates of beer. And whatever you do, don't beg for dinks after time has been called. Ever. :-)

Submitted by:Countess Nocturna / 2003-06-30
Spiders is a sad shadow of the great club it once was back in the early 90's. Nowadays it is mainly frequented by drunk students in hawaiian shirts who spill beer all over you while all the Gothic types hide out in the corners waiting for those rare Goth tracks(nearly always The Cure and Bauhaus!!). If you like cheap booze and can stomach a night of modern Indie, Oasis and Limp Biskit then Spiders is ok for you, otherwise you may be disappointed! Still unfortunately it's the best that Hull has to offer in the way of Nightlife!!

Submitted by:CAEDES / 2003-07-03
They played "IRON MAN" on Saturday..... Perhaps there is still hope... Like there's still hope for Gareth Gates to release something *HE* wrote...OK, dig over.

Submitted by:tendril / 2003-07-05
It may play a lot of nu-metal, it may be often crowded with kids and idiots but c'mon - its SPIDERS! Cheap drinks, gothic atmosphere (just close your ears) and lots of fun. Its the best thing Hull has to offer... Spiders may have its bad points but I still have not got bored of it.

Submitted by:spectatorofsuicide / 2003-07-17
ill miss this place. Great atmosphere. Drinks are cheap as chips (Thank you david dickinson for that) i remember some great nights there :)

Submitted by:wintermute / 2003-09-03
Come there on fridays. It's not crowded and half the folks there are goth overspill from the White Room, so the playlist is agreeable.

Submitted by:felishumanus / 2003-09-16
fab!! worth the trip across country, prrrrrrr

Submitted by:goth_dominatrix / 2003-10-02
still the best music and the cheapest drinks in Hull. Still come here any day , wouldn't be seen dead in a dance club! If you wanna goth night, its gotta be Spiders!

Submitted by: / 2003-10-29
I move that we declare Spiders now an 'Alternative-Friendly' club...and that's pushing it.

Submitted by:TheWhiteGoth / 2004-01-01
I first heard of spiders about 9 years ago. It was like a myth about this nirvana where anything went and any body could fit in and hang out. I finally got there 8 years ago, and it was everything that I'd hoped for. Have been going on and off ever since. The drinks are insanely priced, you do wonder how they make a profit. In all the 8 years I've been going I've only ever been witness to 1 fight, which was outside anyway. As the years have passed and the management have made changes to the club and it's roster, you do start to question how in tune with things they really are. Never the less the place keeps ticking over and is an institution for Hull and beyond!

Submitted by:TheFlamesOfAbraham / 2004-02-20
I've been to Spiders on and off for quite a few years (from Lincoln). It's a great club - especially as they serve decent beer (bit of a bummer if I'm driving, though). Havn't been for a while but I remember it as being a decent mix of music last time.

Submitted by: / 2004-03-28
The cheapest, best drinks in the whole of Cleveland street. I've personally never seen any violence there but i've heard about saturday nights getting a bit rough 'n tumble.

Submitted by:silvermoon / 2004-07-13
Visited Spiders with a group of mates. The layout is a bit strange-very easy to lose people! Music was mostly O.K. people really friendly. Not a scrap of trouble all night. If you go there you must try the cocktails!!

Submitted by:antiload / 2004-08-12
I used to go to 'spiders' when I lived in Hull around 1990-91.I used to go alone as my friends at that time didn't like it. Well I only went when I was drunk & it was okay. I remember walking in one night & they where playing 'dirty boulevard' by lou reed & this cheered me up no end (I actually lived on the boulevard in Hull for six horrible months).It will always be a club I remember club I remember in a pretty desprate year in Hull.

Submitted by:ThisCorrosion / 2004-10-16
Spiders will always be my favourite club ever despite the dodgy music that they seem to be leaning towards. And I don't like the new set-up of the two sets of music being played downstairs, too easy to miss the rare decent songs. Drinks are incredibly cheap which is great, you'll probably spend more on getting to spiders than you will inside. Some great drinks in there too, must try the Brown Bomber

Submitted by:gale13 / 2005-01-14
11th of feb grim goffs are coming over to have fun and boozy night always have a cool time there after the white room

Submitted by:wintermute / 2005-11-04
There's now a bus during semester time that leaves from just across the road at 2pm each friday and saturday night. From Cleveland Street it goes through the city centre, down Beverley Road and Cottingham Road and terminates at the Lawns halls of residence in Cottingham. Remember to leave enough time for the coat queue if you plan oncatching it.

Submitted by:Sheridan / 2006-04-28
It should probably be mentioned at some point that it doesn't open on certain (all?) bank holidays - so don't go heading there on Good Friday (f'rinstance) expecting to get in. No, not for some religious reason, that we can figure out - it just doesn't open on those days.

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