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Club nameThe Edge
Street Address/DirectionsPARK SQUARE SOMEWHERE
Descriptionfriday night only.. if your into metal. check it out. cheap drinks . good fun.
Submitted bymorbid_vixen
Submitted on:2001-02-23
User comments
Submitted by:metalligoth / 2001-09-08
Went to The Edge last night. Downstairs very nu-metal, upstairs very cyber. Have been assured it was 'better last time'. Not too bad, until the price of drinks doubled at 11pm, and the bouncer kicked us out for distributing flyers.

Submitted by:shade / 2001-09-18
Now has a regular goth/cyber night, first friday of the month...Dissonance. Shade

Submitted by:Lythium Synn / 2001-09-20
1st Friday of every month - upstairs is the once-a-month goth/industrial extravaganza 'Dissonance'. So far has been a raging success, packed to the gills each time with goths, industrialists and cyber-bunnies from Luton and beyond. Great night out, friendly DJs and VERY cheap drinks before 11.

Submitted by:metalligoth / 2002-01-05
Nice to see the bouncers there did nothing about the chap who beat his wife up outside the club, then refused to give her help.

Submitted by:Lythium Synn / 2002-05-27
There have been experimentations with running a rock night on Saturdays, but the last time I went, they closed @ 11pm due to the fact I made up and eighth of the punters!! You can now find the lovely Nik and Paul B (Scummy Fred) hosting monthly rock/metal nights upstairs (Fridays) which have been damn enjoyable so far. Good mix of music (Pearl Jam to Machine Head to David Bowie to Incubus).

Submitted by:Pass_The_Doobie / 2003-04-17
It's a good club i find it better then esquires. two floors to it, downstairs is the sort of place where some of you would mosh whereas i find upstairs better because u can have a drink,chill and have a headbang or two if u please. But i havent been upstairs during a gig yet i go on fridayds and i recommend it but dont backchat the bouncers or you get thrown out on your face lol i know first hand - Kolin

Submitted by:Selphie / 2003-06-08
The gigs upstairs are very cramped, can get a bit boring balancing on a stool! I prefer Tuesdays, 10 and a free bar, you can't really complain about the music! Plays some good rock, and occasionally a bit of Nine Inch Nails if your lucky :) And for once you are glad of the bouncers, free bar means occasionally jerks get in :S, but I love my Tuesdays! Plus all the kiddies have school the next day, I feel young!

Submitted by:lost_elf / 2004-07-16
go on a tuesday, ok its 10 to get in which sucks but its free drinks all nite and have some good music going on metal and that, i think music upstairs on a tuesday is the best, only problem is YOU HAVE TO HAVE ID, dey didnt let this guy in who lookd like 30

Submitted by:nephilimbabe / 2005-11-06
DJed again recently, only to find the decks and sound system still incredibly shite. Place still has no decent alcohol, and it's filled with obnoxious 16-19 year olds just wanting to hear the same old stuff week in week out. I know I said it before, but I vow NEVER to go back again.

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