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Club nameMetro's (Club Metropolitan)
LocationSouth Glamorgan
Street Address/DirectionsBakers Row,
From St Mary's St, down side-road by Howells, turn right by Newt&Cucumber / Lakeland
DescriptionSpellbound - Thurs nite
Metal/Alt/Indie gen. OK

Opening Hours9 - 2
Submitted byStarion
Submitted on:2001-02-04
User comments
Submitted by: / 2001-03-12
Take an umbrella as the sweat runs down the walls and drips off the ceiling.....

Submitted by:Glitter / 2001-03-21
Metros is wicked if u want a cheap and fun night-with nus/members cards its only 1.50 2 get in and there are many pound a pint/shot deals and the music is usually pretty sound.... Tues:punk/ska vibe with some metal thurs:Metal Fri:hip-hop/indie/metal mix [also v expensive] sat:mostly indie :oD

Submitted by:Raw_neon / 2001-05-13
Mega important- bring id even if u have a beard and are going grey they will id you- 'cos they got raided by the police for underage drinkers!

Submitted by:Candy / 2002-01-21
Hmm, never been asked for ID in here. Not as homely as TJ's, but good music, wide selection of people, and very friendly bouncers!!!

Submitted by:*~Kamalaya~* / 2002-06-07
New 'dark' night every Thursday, join grimsoc for more details.

Submitted by: / 2002-09-19
Seem to be going rather too commercial, especially on Saturdays where any mention of 'rock' has disappeared in favour of "hip-hop and alternative beats" - spit!! Fridays is still popular, if its to your taste. Tuesdays alternate weekly between rock/metal/rap and punk/ska. Thursdays are still somewhat metal I believe. Personally I would avoid the place now, but not many other options left in Cardiff these days!

Submitted by:MIKETHEGOTH / 2002-10-08
watch out for Inquisition turning up at this club

Submitted by: / 2003-01-28
Still the biggest 'alternative' gathering in Cardiff... but you either love it or hate it. They've changed their nights around so many times recently, but Thursdays are prob the best for this sort of thing, and Fridays can be ok but very busy.

Submitted by:glammygoth / 2003-06-27
Well, it had to happen sooner or later. The increased popularity of the industrial/goth/metal night on Thursdays has got the club to have a re-think and my Saturday Apocalypse franchise is about to be re-launched on Saturdays in the club. Look out for the posters. Those of you who remember the Roxy will (hopefully) be looking forward to this, those of you who don't really should check it out as it's about time Cardiff got a weekly Rock/Goth/Industrial night going at weekends again.

Submitted by:Charlfoo / 2003-10-14
I still don't understand the poularity of this place the musics far to commercial and i get disgusted looks from teenygoths so i cant be bothered with it

Submitted by:morbidxgrace / 2003-11-14
Nearly everyone is getting ID's in here now. They also have a thing against you carrying any kind of weapon into there to.. which means pen knives. Recently been taken over by alot of teengoths and boppers. The music has gone slightly downhill to, to be honest i wouldnt go anymore. Been once, dont want to again.

Submitted by:StrapsAndPins / 2003-12-16
Expensive drinks, quite big and full of teenie boppers. The most commercial alternative club in Cardiff. Always packed, and a great place to pull. Expect to think you're in Kerrang world though!

Submitted by:conradmonster / 2003-12-17
Sadly Glammygoth doesn't dj there anymore which is a big shame!!! I now a lot of people who don't go there now because of this as there isn't anymore industrial or goth being played there apart from about 2/3 songs at the start of a Friday night and they are the same ones every week. Infact all the songs are the same there on a Friday.

Submitted by:Dobby_Cardiff / 2004-03-26
Went there recently and it is pretty lame nowadays. I went on a Wednesday (Student Night - house double and mixer for 80p) and it was full of townie tarts and blokes in rugby/footie shirts. Musics not as good as it used to be either. Sadly , Metro's is now one to avoid.

Submitted by:Charlfoo / 2005-08-20
I agree..Metros is now full of chavs on wednesdays and teenys at all other times...only vaugly decent night is a Thursday as they play lots of old school metal...still...dirty,smelly and not a very friendly place anymore..damn shame.

Submitted by:crazy evil dude / 2005-08-28
Old school metal on a Thurs??? didn't know RATM and Drowning Pool were old school. Must be showing my age... ... anways, from what i hear, Thursdays are no-more [closed for false advertising?]

Submitted by:GeneralHellfire / 2005-12-30
Website says: Thurs- 1 room, 2 kinds of music; rock and metal. WTF- they said nothing about cheese or pop, which were playing when we terned up and intermitantly thrughout the night. the DJ said he had to play chees cuz thats what people want to was dancing to it tho. Cheap tho.

Submitted by:crazy evil dude / 2006-01-02
As long as you don't give a fuck about the music, the majority of the people, the temperature and arn't claustrophobic, it's an OK place

Submitted by:Sharp / 2006-11-05
Woot a club i can actualy stand to be in for more than an hour. For my own picyness it wins thumbs up for clever acoustic design and generaly a nice place as far as pits go. will be returning here for sure.

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