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Club nameLegends
LocationTyne and Wear
Street Address/Directionserr... pass... just follow the alternative types.
DescriptionNow a rock night, every night. Plus once a fortnight EBM night Fight the Robots is in the second room!

Sadly the DJ in the main room is Little Jeff. Still, can't have it all ways.
Submitted byKev
Submitted on:2005-06-29
User comments
Submitted by:oddy / 2005-07-14
it sucks

Submitted by:Kev / 2005-07-17
that's besides the point.

Submitted by:Kev / 2005-07-21
The main DJ is no longer Little Jeff, as he recently passed away.

Submitted by:Kev / 2005-08-13
Ideal if you're a goldfish. That way you'll forget it's the same dire set every week. And the DJ likes the sound of his own voice, talking at the end of every track.

Submitted by:Acid / 2005-08-14
I went last Friday and was extremely disappointed with what was played. Same old stuff ... again! I've been put off completely.

Submitted by:ninfreak / 2005-08-30
I love Legends, great music and cheap drinks.

Submitted by:oddy / 2005-09-07
i think legends and krash dont have long left with the academy opening its rock night on a friday.

Submitted by:franmort / 2005-11-04
Recently made the mistake of attending Legends on a Saturday night. What a big mistake. Crap music. Dance floor crammed with tinies having conversations and dropping bottles so people who actually wanted to dance (and not just pose) couldn't. Then to top it all my bloke and his mate got thrown off the dance floor by the bouncers for being too energetic. For f***s sake, I thought this was supposed to be a rock club. Won't be going there again!

Submitted by:djdrgonzo / 2006-05-26
i was there last year after the killing joke gig (which was fantastic) and yes the music was pish and predictable tedious rubbish. The DJ gives the usual impression of someone who is payed to play to the lowest common denominator and has no balls or love of music to feel like ever taking a risk on a new or adventurous track which hasn't already been rammed down your throat by kerrang and mtv... nuff said.

Submitted by:lord_noize / 2006-06-04
a new synthpop/80s night called Friday I'm In Love was starting on alternate fridays to Fight the Robots

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