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Club nameThe Central
Street Address/DirectionsNear Carlos the tatooist, town center.
Descriptiona rather pants rock nightevery friday... but its ok if your stuck in ashington!
Opening Hours9-11pm
Submitted byasimuth
Submitted on:2001-01-22
User comments
Submitted by: / 2001-08-11
one good thing about the central, the cheap drink, at doubles at a 1 its ok.

Submitted by:Jamie666666 / 2002-09-21
Its not pants and besides it the best we've got without going into town. Pints are also cheep between 1.40 and 1.80 depending on your poison

Submitted by:Tarbi / 2002-10-16
Great place to go. The drink is really cheap! Doubles are only 1!! Happy hour lasts 3 hours, what more do you want. The music is differetn each week as there are 2 Djs. One is very good and places great rocks songs, the othre is not so as he is new but he is slowly gettign there. The actual feel of the place when you are there is great. However you will find that there are quite a few Nu-Metal kiddies and general wannabies there. Gotten a lot better then it used to be! At least try it once as it it truly great as you never know what is going to happen. Many unusual activities take place!

Submitted by:kev_wright83 / 2002-10-16
Fridays have the potential to be a fantastic night out but it depends on who they hired to do the music on that friday. but as said cheap drink

Submitted by:Khanage / 2002-10-17
Cheap Whiskey..... Fantastic. Good Music When The GTS Roadshow Guys Are There Every Other Week. But What Would I Know, I'm Stuck In Ashington!!

Submitted by:Khanage / 2003-04-05
It's slacked off a bit since back in day, now you can only have a good time if you're drunk. ID checks have meant that only people over 18 and with fake ID get in so the numbers have died down, meaning a lacking atmosphere. Although like Tarbi said..... Strange things still do happen... very strange things!

Submitted by:PLEKTRUM / 2003-05-01
a great night out. the booze is chap ant the music is good. its easy to get any requests played. due to recent warnings by the police etc you will probably need id to get in even if you are arround 20 but its woth it as it has stopped the teeny boppers and townies gettin in. Dont get to involved in all the social things going on because you will soon get snowed under. dont be scared of any lil townies hangin round outside trying to start something theyre only there 4 a peek at goth lasses realy and are well outnumbered.

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