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Club nameChaos
Club webpageChaos
Street Address/DirectionsAt the end of the South Parade Pier, Southsea!!

Getting there:
Train: The nearest train station is Fratton, appoximately 20 minutes walk away. Turn left out of the station, left at the main road, straight over the roundabout and keep heading south until you hit the sea front. The pier is slightly to your left. Or take a bus or taxi from the station.
Bus: Many buses call at the pier. Please check with the local operators for times.
Car: If you're not drinking, there is usually ample parking close to the pier. If taking a taxi, make sure you specify South Parade Pier or you may end up some way away, at Clarence Pier.
...or you could walk.
If you face the pier, the entrance to the Albert Tavern is near the end of the left side of the building.
Getting back:
If you're not walking, driving or scrounging a lift, you'll have to get a taxi. Portsmouth taxis are usually reasonable. There is a rank outside the pier, though be prepared for a wait. Unless you want to leave early (and why would you want to do that?), booking a cab is often a bit hit-and-miss.

DescriptionThis is a fun alternative evening with a good selection of old and new music. Plenty of space to dance and loadsa seating to chat. Its not goth but there are plenty of goths there and you get the more acceptable goth tunes played. Its not the ritz but it is friendly and quite cheap to get in....There are even lollypops some evenings!! The booze isn't the cheapest but if you go to the frog on the front before you head to the club then you'll save some pennies :o)

Opening hours are between 10.00 p.m. (ish) and 2.00 a.m.
Last entry is at 12.30 p.m.
Prior to 11.00 p.m. entrance is 4 (and there are discounts on selected drinks)*.
After 11.00 p.m. entrance is 4.50*.
There is a 1 members discount on entrance at any time*.
NUS discount only available on specifically advertised nights.
A cloakroom is provided at 1/item.
They use a strobe light, which may cause problems for those with photo-sensitive epilepsy.
ROAR: The management reserve the right to refuse entry without having to give a reason.
Opening HoursOpening hours are between 10.00 p.m. (ish) and 2.00 a.m.
Submitted byLittleG
Submitted on:2004-11-28
User comments
Submitted by:NiteEyez / 2005-02-18
In my 'prime' era (98-01)Chaos always played second fiddle to Subversion (EQ) on a Friday night (unless said people got kicked out, couldn't get in, to Sub etc), and was more like a 'grunge' 'indie' club as opposed to Subs Goth/Metal. With Sub consigned to Friday's only (why is there no version of Sub locally on a Sat), it was the best option, if looking to club in a non mainstream/pop genre on a Saturday (and not prepared to travel out of town), and to this day still is. Bottom line, if there's a group of you, you wanna club, but not 'pop'/'dance' style, you dont wanna travel and its a saturday night, its prob the best option, especially if your into Indie and Grunge.

Submitted by:NiteEyez / 2007-02-02
Still going strong despite strong competition from the now defuntt Southsea Rocks on a saturday night. Has seemingly been going forever and is Pompeys longest running alternative night. With the Council seemingly hell bent on removing all nightlife from Southsea Sea front (would never happen in Brighton, would it), not sure how long this will be going but if your after alternative clubbing (without heading outta town) its still the best bet. Not a favourite of mine but its longetivy is proof that there doing something right

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