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Club nameThe Villa
Street Address/DirectionsJust up the road from Bournemouth Interchange/Train Station.
Also up the road from club X
DescriptionIs on every Saturday and Thursday, Thursday Night is the better of the two, mostly Nu-Metal, and has a much older group of people going there but still very lil goth played, you normaly get a max of 10 songs played, but get there early and he'll play anything.
Saturday is done by Pete Scathe, and does have a very young group of people there unfortunately. But they do play some decent music is Advertised as Indi, Retro and weird bits but is basicly a normall alternative night. get there early and he'll play ANYTHING and he does have a pretty good CD collection!
But as i said the people there are very very young.
Opening Hours9-00 till 2-00
Submitted byIncurus
Submitted on:2001-01-13
User comments
Submitted by:pete scathe / 2001-01-24
I should add that the Saturday night has gone very Nu-Metal of late, and it tends to kick off very early, thus lessening the chances of getting anything goth played. It's also very busy, so any group of goths is going to form a very small minority. Essentially, I wouldn't recommend it if you're hoping for anything goth- Club X on Friday is probably the best bet for that.

Submitted by:Mercedes / 2001-10-21
Been there whilst on my hols, and it is dominated by nu-metal, if your determined to listen to goth, htis isnt the place to be.

Submitted by:slinkyferret / 2001-11-12
The villa leans more towards punk, ska, rock and new metal. In all the times I have been there the few 80s songs they do play have been Alice Cooper - Poison and Bon Jovi.

Submitted by:Gothical / 2002-01-15
Agreed that there isnt much in the way of Goth orientated music in the Villa, but everytime i go in there the atmosphere is great- Ive never seen one fight or scuffle in there on a Thursday nite since ive been there.. and yes, Keith the DJ on a Thurs will play nething if you get in early enough.

Submitted by:Metapharistic / 2002-03-14
The Villa isn't all that bad.. It isn't all that goth no, but the people are nice, the atmosphere is good, and as long as you don't mind the sweltering heat, a good time is to be had by all. It's not ALL about the music for me though, so I have a generally good time.

Submitted by:SpannaInTheWorks / 2002-05-03
OK for indie + punk, not so for the air. No decent ventilation system (Yuck!)... Not somewhere to go if you wish to avoid the people who shat on you in school only to discover a hooded jumper 3 years down the line....

Submitted by:Boedicea / 2002-08-29
The villa now has a website so you can see it in all its glory and check out the pics. its at

Submitted by:Captain M / 2003-01-18
Kev's rock night, formerly at Club X, is now held here on a Friday,

Submitted by:OpheliaMachina / 2003-04-30
The Rock Night move from Club X to here is a bit weird, but there are quite a few new (painted) faces. If you go early "Krazy" Kev will play what ever you bring, tends to be pretty heavy. Not very busy friday, so ventilation not a problem. Saturadays often max (jam) capacity (470), sweltering, ick. And SpannaInTheWorks is more than slightly right. Pretty friendly (some drunken sweaty people a little too friendly) but a bit of a groovy night none the less.yyup yup.X

Submitted by:Morgoth / 2003-07-06
Be warned - as of late, the owners have been putting on live bands and Kev is not getting on to near minnight. This would not be so bad in itself (i.e. live bands) if it wasn't for the fact that they are invariably studentdreck (TM) (with the resultant prepoderance of students attending as well).

Submitted by:bloody_valentine / 2003-12-13
I've been here a few times and it seems that it the only music they really go for is scar. it's not a bad thing but rather narrow visioned. The eye candy is pretty good though the atmosphere is a little klicky if you're nto a local but i think most places are like that. They have a kinda shrine of weirdness at one end of the dance floor. - pretty unique. All in all the locals seem to think its a bit of a dive but they pride on the fact that it is thier dive.

Submitted by:lex / 2003-12-25
I have sadly been going to the villa for ten years or so, the name has changed 4 times the owners more but the place is still the same, so is the thursday night Dj, just how old is Keith? Its dark, the floor is sticky and the loos are usually broken, everything you want from a nightclub. Beware of the locals (Kissing cousins is not right!)

Submitted by:OpheliaMachina / 2004-01-07
It is a TOTAL DIVE, but that is what makes it SO endearing, maybe? Am i the only one who gets really annoyed by the thurs DJ ALWAYS saying he will play a certain track for me, and NEVER playing it, if you're not going to play it, don't say you will! Argh, ok. Music varies a lot, saturdays have got pretty good, a lot of goth and interesting bits, esp at the beginning, but less of the heavy stuff, tends to be a bit mid-ground, but an excellebt job by Mr Scathe, none the less. x

Submitted by:oi_u_lookin_at_my_arse / 2004-01-20
As a new person to the area, i have noticed an older audience on Saturday and this is met with relevant music being played, e.g a lot of Cure, Joy Division on Sat and Marilyn Manson, Reel Big Fish on Thu...generally seems a pleasant place to go for those in need of having a drink or five, or even for those that like to stay sober. Found it a little less friendlier than other clubs that i have been too and people tend to keep to themselves.

Submitted by:Mariel / 2004-02-28
Black Machine returns! Not too sure how it's gonna work in a club 3x the size of the old venue, but if there's a good enough turn out then it should be a decent night... The first night is March 26th & every last Friday of the month after that - 3 entry before 9:45, 5 after...

Submitted by:gordon_t_goth / 2004-05-03
just been back to this place for the first time in a very very long time for an excellent BLACK MACHINE friday night and i gotta say it's changed a great deal and mostly for the better. Like the toilets actually have doors instead of sorry looking flaps of splintered wood and the toilet floor is no longer awash with various waste products. And it's been recently painted. And you can actually see your own hand in front of your face. As i just said, black machine is jolly good - two bands and a dj with taste, what more do you want?

Submitted by:Mariel / 2004-05-26
Shame about the Friday night slot - the one night that actually played good music without any ska crap - being stopped due to "not enough interest"... *grumble* And Thursdays have gone downhill a lot too - the dj mainly only plays ska and nu-metal these days, and anything remotely non-mainstream - forget it... Black Machine's still good though - a lot better than I was expecting, and only 2 days until the next one...

Submitted by:necromike / 2005-02-11
Isnt there any other alternative club in dorset other than the Villa?? They call thursdays 'Metal' night but seemed to me without the metal. i asked the DJ to play some Pantera and Slayer and he refused because they are "Too boring" too much punk for my liking. and what the hell happened to Krazy Kev?!!! he was the best metal DJ when he was at ClubX

Submitted by:beautiful_nightmare / 2005-11-30
Went to my 1st Black Machine friday to see Inkubus Sukkubus and it realy was a great night. Its a great club, the people are realy nice, the music was good with some good goth and metal tunes. I was only on holls but next time Im in the area I will be going back.

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