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Club nameSubGoth
Club webpageSubGoth
Street Address/Directions1 Granada Road, Southsea, Portsmouth, Hants
DescriptionAn occasional goth/industrial/ebm night once every few months downstairs at Subversion, the weekly Friday alternative night at Club EQ.

Entry is through Subversion upstairs, and there is free access between the two floors. Subversion plays a mixture of rock, indie, metal, punk, emo, hip hop and electroclash whilst SubGoth is a mixture of goth, ebm, industrial, 80s and goth-related tunes.

DJs are different every time; recent DJs have been Liz and Andrew from Lowlife/Swarf, Doktor Joy and DeeTee from Intrusion and Taoist from Dark Trix.

Entry is 4 before 11.30 with a flyer, otherwise 5.
Opening Hours10pm-2am
Submitted bypete scathe
Submitted on:2004-03-10
User comments
Submitted by:BitterSweetBlood / 2004-05-29
i have to say, just been to subgoth with dj nils from slimes and it was a fantastic set... i left tonight a very happy bunny :D

Submitted by:NiteEyez / 2004-09-28
Been going to Sub since 1998, great place (although preferred it when it was downstairs, as had more atmosphere). Have had many a great night in there and DJ Pete is first rate. That said it's not what it was (kinda think it was at its best 1998-2001), but is still the best for Goth/Metal in Pompey. Predominantly a crowd of regulars and overall a friendly place, although it can fill up with a lil too many kids at times, and is now a lil on the small side! If you havent been Go!!!!, its a good nite!

Submitted by:NiteEyez / 2005-02-18
The Venue, has changed its name to 'The Lounge', but that makes lil difference (except the cab drivers)Friday nite is now a 2 room event, with lighter stuff upstairs and the 'Heavy' stuff downstairs. This is a welcome return to form for those of us who regularly attended in the late nineties, and who will always associate Sub as being the 'dark n dirty' place downstairs (and it was all teh better for it). Don't get to go as much as i'd like, and i suppose as people get a lil older it was to be expected, but the familar faces (from my era 98-01)are now thinning out as it fills with the younger generation. On its day still the best alternative/goth/metal venue in the area, by a landslide, and the 'old' guard still make an appearnce occasionally. If your after the best alternative night in Pompey, then this is the place to go!

Submitted by:traumahound / 2005-05-07
Having been to sub a few times, I have to say it is a bit of a dissappointment. While Pete is still a brilliant DJ, I feel that downstairs has become comparable in terms of setlists to Kerrang! tv :\ There isn't a great selection of drinks and seems to be very little in the way of "goth" going on... althoug Pete cracking out the Joy Division upstaris made my night :)

Submitted by:NiteEyez / 2007-02-02
Still the best alternative (well only actually) night on a Friday in Portsmouth and has been for 10 years (makes me feel old). My era (1998-2001) has thinned right out to a few 'familars' which was only to be expected as the next gen filters in. Has become abit of a 'kerrang' homage downstairs and at times feels like its filled with too many kids (but hey i was once one of them myself) and has steadily seemed to alienate its older clientelle with some tracks purely for nostalgia purposes only and catering to the 'flavour' of the month. Maybe a once a month night for music dinosuars like myself (GNR, Alice Cooper, Metallica, Idol, etc) would be an idea (if anyone wants to take note). One can hope

Submitted by:NiteEyez / 2010-03-12
Well sadly, Sub is now defunct (never thought i'd see that day) and has been for a year now. There's reunions every now and again (looks to be yearly) however it looks like the last remnants of my era (98-01) is now finished and joins Jimmyz,Chaos,Contented Pig, Air Balloon etc in the club era in the sky!

Submitted by:NiteEyez / 2010-03-24
There is a subversion re-union on April 23rd 2010. Should be a good night.

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