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Club nameFUSION
Street Address/Directions(Formerly 'Bar PR' & 'The Queen & Crumpet')
Hope Street,
Streetmap URLAvailable here
DescriptionNow home to NUCLEAR every Thursday night, featuring DJ Foxz (Chicos/Bolted) and ELECTRIC HEAD on the 1st Tuesday monthly featuring DJs BLZbub & Suicide Asha.
Also open daily and serves fantastic food!!
Opening HoursClub Nights 9.30pm til 2am
Submitted byAsha
Submitted on:2004-01-05
User comments
Submitted by:Y2Jabba / 2004-01-19
went there the other nite and was quite impressed, the music was a good mix like chicos n the place isent a bad size, also its REALY cheap to get in. Free before 10:30 and then only £1 after.

Submitted by:Asha / 2004-01-19
the drinks prices are also really low...£1.50 a pint! and a VERY impressive range at the bar too...they even stock absinthe!!

Submitted by:cyberium-nocturna / 2004-02-04
Tried Electric Head for the first time last night - wow! A they have a great venue, about just the right size with a balconied seating area over the dance floor. Plenty of UV lighting, cheap bar and you really can't complain about the free/£1.50 entry fee!? Music was good too, playing a mix of mostly EBM/Electro/Industrial with some metal and trad goth thrown in. Giving a request may be a bit difficult, what with the DJ box being in its own 'balcony', although at least one of the DJ's popped down regularly to the bar, perhaps for this very purpose?! Open 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month now.

Submitted by:faerywings / 2004-02-04
wow, this was really good. excellent music (at electric head), good venue and cheap bar prices too!

Submitted by:queenoftiaras / 2004-02-07
they do some very nice food here during the daytime, but at night time some more uv lighting wouldn't go amiss!

Submitted by:gemaraven / 2004-02-11
Have been To Electric Head twice now and it was brilliant both times! Although the second time won out because there was so much uv!!!! As for the request thing it was really easy the first week there was a box on the bar attached to a string!!! and the second time there was a pad! ( althought this wasn't attached as such it was Foxz running up and down the stairs!)

Submitted by:cyberium-nocturna / 2004-02-18
It may be worth mentioning, if you're travelling in by car, that there are Pay and Display parking bays right outside of FUSION. Went to Electric Head again last night, played lots of stompy tracks, met friendly people - much fun!

Submitted by:lilac_honey / 2004-02-18
Great venue!! Very shiny and clean which is always a bonus!! That and the drinks prices aren't half bad!! hehe S.c.r.e.w.e.d. also starts here on Friday 27th February :)

Submitted by:DemonMonkey / 2004-02-19
Deffinatley a great venue, very clean compared to some others I've been to. Great atmosphere in here too.

Submitted by:Y2Jabba / 2004-02-26
there is UV lights in there! Does anyone know who is DJing S.C.R.E.W.E.D? Is it anyyman all nite or r him n buff doin it together?

Submitted by:NextOfSin / 2004-03-01
from what ive heard it's andyman all night.

Submitted by:evilgothicpixie / 2004-03-07
Great venue, and a good atmosphere. Plus the staff are super friendly and very helpful. Electric Head is also a great night, and highly recommended. There is a website for it, with setlists, if you want to get a better impression of what the night's like :)

Submitted by:NextOfSin / 2004-03-07
great place for food, hehe they let you in with new rocks too ;)

Submitted by:Asha / 2004-03-16
oh yes, the food. i can't compliment the chef enough. if you need somewhere to eat in the day i HIGHLY recommend it!!

Submitted by:Asha / 2004-03-16
2 of the UV lights seem to have disappeared lately, leaving only one over the dancefloor. I'll have words about that!! From May onwards Electric Head will be running monthly on a SATURDAY night...more info soon! :)

Submitted by:Y2Jabba / 2004-03-20
these do exelent food in the day!

Submitted by:shpongle-eyes / 2004-03-22
Went in fusion the other day for some lunch, the food was good and given in very generous helpings, very good value for money. We were the only people in there so we had the whole place to ourselves, there was quite a cute dog watching us from upstairs too.

Submitted by:MissMonroe / 2004-03-25
The food is really good, they do huge portions and its a good price too! The staff are really friendly as well.

Submitted by:Asha / 2004-04-12
ah, the other 2 UV lights were only being borrowed it seems...oh well - now we have a LAZER CANNON! The DJ booth has now been moved downstairs (right next to the stairs/dancefloor) to make requesting easier, and this also makes the smoke machines more effective too.

The move to Saturdays has now been confirmed for Electric Head, we'll be on every THIRD Saturday monthly starting with the 15th May!

Submitted by:Y2Jabba / 2004-04-20
Fusion is now officaly becomeing an alternative only club, they are also haveing a new sound system n apparently having a new paint job inside.

Submitted by:Asha / 2004-04-27
Unfortunately Electric Head will be sticking to Tuesdays, but Saturday trendy nights are now to be replaced by a new weekly classic rock night called 'Hammered'...with DJs Buff & Foxz!! :)

Submitted by:Kekea / 2004-05-04
I have to admit, at first I did not like FUSION cuz the place was too bright and for some strange reason there were windows... WINDOWS! But it grew on me and the new paint job is good. And I went to the BBQ the other day and that was nice. Yeah, I like FUSION now.

Submitted by:Y2Jabba / 2004-05-05
yeah the bbq was pretty cool, herd a rumour that they mite be doin one every month. Juke Box needs sortin out tho for in the day.

Submitted by:albion / 2004-05-21
This is my favourite venue in Stoke-on-Trent, I love Electric head, it should be on more often! They play good stuff there and the dj's are really friendly:) Good food during the day time aswell, I would recommend the chilli con carne.

Submitted by:nisshóku_san / 2004-06-01
I have been in there once now, and i am impressed, seems like a really nice venue, good set out, great good, cool barstaff and most importantly.. the CUTEST german shepherd I have ever seen :)

Submitted by:queenoftiaras / 2004-06-07
the new alternatie layouts a bit odd, it seemed to light last time I was in, and the paint jobs odd. I prefered how it looked before it became officially alternative, but its still on of the nicest clubs in stoke but those pool table lights need toning down a tiny bit!

Submitted by:Y2Jabba / 2004-06-15
if u ask nicely theyll turn em off for ya

Submitted by:Digital_deviluk / 2005-03-30
Fusion is home to Superfreak, there is less chance of experiencing any annoyin corporate metal/rock music. Superfreak is on every Tuesday night and free entry before 10pm. The only pure dark alternitive club night in Stoke-on-Trent.

Submitted by:Y2Jabba / 2005-05-27
just for anyone that dosent know fusion has now closed down for good due to the owner selling it.

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