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Club nameSouthsea Rocks
Club webpageSouthsea Rocks
Street Address/DirectionsThe Glasshouse,
Pyramid Centre,
Clarence Esplanade
DescriptionA great new metal/alt. club that opened (I think) just recently. Very friendly, nice-looking place with well-known DJs who usually play a wider selection of music than the normal pop-punk nu-metal normal crap :) Drinks are not too pricey.
Opening Hours10pm - 2am
Submitted byDemonrage
Submitted on:2003-11-30
User comments
Submitted by:Myke_Minstar / 2003-12-31
Southsea rocks has now moved to The frog on the front, under the Pyramids. 7pm til 12 now. 1.40 a pint. Back to the original, best djs, including me! Also featuring live bands, so get in touch if you want a gig.

Submitted by:velouria / 2004-01-09
Ok so it's NOT a goth night - you might be lucky if you get Sisters! BUT - it's friendly, alternative, with lots of space unlike most clubs and somewhere to go on a Saturday night when you've had a few beers and fancy a bit of metal nostalgia or just enjoy something a bit different!

Submitted by:brokenmind / 2004-07-19
Southsea Rocks has a strange feel to it - it's a cross between pub and club, has a good atmosphere and isn't too expensive. The music isn't goth, but still enjoyable, and it's a great place to go for a night of fun.

Submitted by:NiteEyez / 2005-02-18
Southsea Rock's has a great deal of potential. Especially on a Saturday night when credible non Subversion nights can only be found out of town. If it moved to a different venue or closed at 2:00am, it'd be a top choice, however a 12:00am kickout, is a downer as how many people wanna stop partying at 12 on a sat night? a few tweaks here and there would be all it'd take. I'm hoping management will take heed!

Submitted by:Myke_Minstar / 2005-07-19
Right, as you may be aware, SSRs has changed a bit. Now with more bleep/goth, less rock and still only 3quid from 6 til midnight. Currently sorting out our application for a 2am licence, so watch this space guys!!

Submitted by:togh / 2005-07-20
I like rock, wahhhhhhhh The poles are fun and the atmosphere is hit and miss. If busy enough it's a good night and worth going to.

Submitted by:DarkOwl / 2006-02-03
Southsea Rocks new website is:

Submitted by:NiteEyez / 2006-03-08
Southsea Rocks now has a late liscense from March 11th to 2am, which is the best news for a clubbing nite on a Sat that ive heard. At last an alternative to Chaos.

Submitted by:NiteEyez / 2007-01-19
Unfortunately Southsea Rocks is no more. The venue is to be discontinued/pulled down (familiar anyone? Horseshoe, Jimmyz), it had a good run (4 years) and thanks to all involved in it for making it a great night. Back to Chaos then on a Sat...........8(

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