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Club nameTorture Garden
Club webpageTorture Garden
Street Address/DirectionsCheck website for latest venues (18+ only)
DescriptionLarge, semi-regular fetish events.
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Submitted on:2000-12-15
User comments
Submitted by:asimuth / 2001-03-14
worship this building!..not on often enough!

Submitted by:CJ / 2001-05-03
I do go pretty often, but its definitely not everygoths cup of tea. Music is for Slimelight upstairs fans at its best. Last couple of times I've been, I've fled to Slimes well before the end. And wasn't TG one of the first of the London fetish clubs to adopt a "discourage the goths" policy, c1991/2 ...?

Submitted by:adjectivemarcus / 2001-10-23
Most recently it's gone for just the one venue, a converted 18thC church in Brixton called 'Mass'. It's a really nice venue for a fetich event - the rooms are all seperate and the stairs down to the playroom are lined with old headstones. I recommend it.

Submitted by:Twiggy / 2002-01-01
My bf's cousin is on the website in the gallery.......I was planning on visiting but havent had the chance

Submitted by:Alex / 2002-01-10
Very fitting venue, but it gets very crowded indeed between about 12 and 4. Not a place to get *too* hot and sticky in as the drinks are rather pricey, as are tickets. It's a good excuse to dress up/expose flesh but it's a lot less full on than most fetish clubs, and contains rather more seedy old men (!)

Submitted by: / 2002-03-21
A really great night out... the pervy old men wanking over you always adds to the experience (o;

Submitted by:filthyrikky / 2002-07-24
Always looks better when you're not actually there. I'd rather buy the books and put on a load of droney techno.

Submitted by:Octobers_Raven / 2003-10-21
I keep being told I look like someone who works in this place...maybe I should try and track this so called double out in here? Or maybe I go here in my sleep?

Submitted by:faerywings / 2003-12-05
it seems like one of those clubs where you always want to be there until you actually are there. its always seemed a bit scary to me.

Submitted by:Madame_Butterfly / 2004-02-25
i likes it here but as it is expensive i don't often get the chance to go. the big nights that they do tho are well good and def worth a trip up from soton

Submitted by:NextOfSin / 2004-03-03
not really what i expected, drinks were rather pricey too.

Submitted by:ladyviqueen / 2004-04-26
only been here once but had a great night. the club was wicked ...although didnt drin too much due to the prices. Loved the outfits and the dungeon!!

Submitted by:Paladin / 2005-10-30
went tonight to the halloween bash and it was fabby, it was at mass in brixton not a bad venue if a little confusing after many pints but all the same music was kicking and people friendly.if you havent been its worth going to dj paladin.

Submitted by:GreenWitch / 2009-03-25
Not my favourite club, but worth a visit.

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