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Club nameAcension@The black sheep
Club webpageAcension@The black sheep
Street Address/Directions81 sheep street, Northampton
DescriptionGoth/industrial/EBM/Eighties night. Last saturday of every month.

5.50 members
6.50 non members

Alternative dress code.

Opening Hours9.30-3.00
Submitted byKhephren
Submitted on:2003-10-20
User comments
Submitted by:babygoesblue / 2003-10-26
bonzi and i were very pleased with the turn out and hope next month people show again & bring freinds with them.thanks to everyone who showed ps no support equals no goth night kiddies so the more the merrier.oh yeah one last thing anyone wanting info on the next one can get in touch & ill try to answer there questions gav(babygoesblue)

Submitted by:digi_droid / 2003-10-29
great night!, would be better if people stopped complaining whenever something post 1986 is played.not fetish, as everyone seems to believe, your quite safe

Submitted by:babygoesblue / 2003-10-30
the first night went well i hope there will be many more as things can get a lot better for the northampton goth scene.

Submitted by:metalligoth / 2003-11-06
First night was good, even metaller friends liked it! Only problem was high entry price compared to other clubs, but the music was good. It was only on till 2 though.

Submitted by:evilpixie / 2003-11-07
*confused* i thought sat night was fetish night-or has that all changed yet again? nobody told me about a goth night =(

Submitted by:evilpixie / 2003-11-30
thanks to gav and bonzi for a good night and for playing my requests!!

Submitted by:Mav / 2003-12-01
Absolutely bloody amazing!! Good crowd, great atmosphere, and some of the best music i've heard in a club in a long time. it don't get much better than this

Submitted by:SPUTNIKBABE / 2003-12-01
great night mainly due to the dj's Gav and Bonzi - long may it continue !!!!!!

Submitted by:Estatica / 2003-12-29
Went to the Xmas Eve event and it was a great night, Highly enjoyable.

Submitted by:babygoesblue / 2004-02-09
we are no longer at this venue due to unforeseen circumstances weve moved back to the soundhaus, any one with any complaints or questions please email me or check the ascension homepage for a detailed explanation babygoesblue(gav) xxx

Submitted by:bod / 2004-02-10
This night has now moved back to the Soundhause, oh well!! Should still be good as long as they ditch that pretend DJ woman.

Submitted by:CallistoMiwSher / 2004-03-01
shame twas a good nite, have yet to see it back as Soundhaus tho...will wait and see

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