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Club nameLestat's
Street Address/DirectionsThe Cavendish Arms
Market Place
Dalton -in-Furness
(Near Barrow-in-Furness)
DescriptionSouth Cumbria's newest monthly Goth club night,Featuring the best in Goth,Industrial,Cyber and 80's music.With resident dJ's Minerva Black and The Bizarro Buccaneer plus regular guest DJ's.
Opening Hours8.30 till late
Submitted byArmandia
Submitted on:2003-10-01
User comments
Submitted by:ThedaBara / 2003-10-11
We had a great night! There were a few technical problems that were beyond the organisers control, but it in no way spoilt what was one of the best nights out I've had in ages. Lots of people turned up, the music was a good mix and there was a really friendly atmosphere. Lestat's is a great addition to the local scene and we are looking forward to the next one in November.

Submitted by:vlad_impaler_666 / 2003-10-13
Hmmm . . . you seem to be remembering a different night to the one I went to! The lighting was too bright, there were long pauses between tracks and there weren't many people there either! Also, you could easily talk above the music - it needs to be a lot louder next time. Oh, and try to get some disco lighting!

Submitted by:Armandia / 2003-10-14
Well Vlad most people I've spoken to enjoyed it sorry you didn't.To address what you said, the lighting too bright, the only real bright light is the fire exit light ok it's right slap bang next to the dance floor, but there's not a lot we can do about that.Then you say we didn't have enough disco light's, perhaps you need to make your mind up(it's not Martini's ya know ;o).As for there being long gaps between tracks,(not that long) that was because we had only one c.d.player, most people saw the funny side of it.As ThedaBarra said we had Technical probs due to things beyond our control.Not many people there, well at least 70 people paid and there were at least another doz who managed to sneak in, actually a lot more than I've seen recently at more established venues.Music not loud enough, I asked around most people said it was fine.Also the pub has a sound limiter it can't go over a certain level most of the time we were under but a few times we managed to get the light flashing so it wasn't that low.It was only our second night in a brand new venue there are alway's going to be teething troubles sorry!

Submitted by:vlad_impaler_666 / 2003-10-14
70 people!!!! Where did they sit? Out in the front bar? I spent most of the night there and there were never that many people in. Maybe they paid then went early, but there was never that many people there. I realise that it wasnt martinis, but come on, there wasn't a great deal in the way of lighting! I couldnt make it to the first one but my mates all said that it was really good. A couple of them were with me at the Cav and they said that it was crap compared to the first one. They said the other DJs played a better mix with some good remixes. Will they be coming back to play? Or will you just keep the other 2? Will you be getting another CD player? It's a bit of a pain trying to have a dance and then stopping to wait for the next track. Why were there no teething troubles at the first night? I'm really annoyed that I missed that!

Submitted by:taylor / 2003-10-19
Lo ppl....god its been a while since the last lestats hasnt it?hmmmm the mind boggles at times!well well well....I have to agree with you "Vlad" we do need more disctheque lights and definatly more UV lights you can never have too many UV lights :o) Hey the next lestats will be brill coz we got Living Dead Girl who has some really cool remixes up her sleeve!i'd like to review the last lestats but hey people have beaten me to it!Oh by the way vlad you claim to be from ulverston and were there at the last one but by my knowledge i knew most the people who were there from ulverston and most people know me from there!oh and on another note we have invited the Head Lining DJ from the first Lestats back, who frankly was the best there (sorry wamphyri you know i "love" you) well got to go darlings i'll hopefully see you all again at the next one!oh ps there was a few slip ups at the first one but shhh no1 knows! :o)

Submitted by:ThedaBara / 2003-10-19
Vlad, you're obviously entitled to your opinion and I'm sorry that you didn't have a good night. I didn't do a head count but I worked out that I knew at least 32 people there... and there were obviously people there I didn't know (like you and your mates). I wrote my review based on the night I had, despite the technical problems. There were people on the dance floor all night so I think they played something for most people. I for one, will be at the next Lestat's, supporting the local scene. Looking at your profile, perhaps the excellent Barrow rock night that Pam and Brian, from the Dark Side/Music and Mystic, organise would fit more with your musical taste...or may I suggest Martinis for that full on disco lighting thing...or Blackpool illuminations LOL.

Submitted by:Oriana / 2003-10-23
Myself and my boyfriend discovered Lestat's last month.And will most definatly be going to the next one.The atmosphere was great, very laid back.The dj's did play a little something for every one,I even managed to get my other half up for a dance, doesn't happen very often.Some one here complained about the lack of lights didn't notice myself.It was the best thing we've been to in south Cumbria in forever.

Submitted by:ThedaBara / 2003-11-17
Went to Lestat's on Saturday night and was surprised to see it wasn't as well attended as the last one. Since then I've been bumping into people who had been told it had been cancelled!!!! This rumour seems to have been started by a tall, older goth with short greying hair in Barrow. I don't know who you are, but if you're on netgoth SHAME ON YOU!!!!! People should be supporting local nights not spreading rumours for a laugh or giving out uninformed and inaccurate information. This kind of prank can ruin an event and can put future nights at risk. I, for one, would like to see more places to go on a Saturday night away from the thugs and hassle of Cornwallis Street. Despite the drawback of a small crowd, we managed to have a good dance to some old goth classics as well as a bit of cyber and it was definately preferable to being sat in the back of Kavannahs...or being threatened by yobs in any of the other dismal bars along the "gaza strip". Thanks to the organisers for trying to get something good going.

Submitted by:Dracul_Wamphyri / 2003-11-20
I hope you lot don't think that this is anything to do with me? I'm past caring about Lestat's now so I'm not bothered if it's packed to the rafters with people. The area is big enough for more than one Goth night - I'm busy with Heretics & Hybrids - the better one ;-)

Submitted by:taylor / 2003-12-01
Hey all its me. just sat at my new temp. polish home and just thought to myself that i aint wrote on here since the last lestats.I'd like to thank every1 who came to it and sorry bout the minor hicup and a really big thanx to the other djs that played :o) i should be on my way home in a few months so hopefully we'll be able to have the biggest night we've had coz i know u all miss me :o) well best go coz theres a bottle of strong vodka calling me so take care of yourselves and i'll see you very soon

Submitted by:Armandia / 2003-12-24
Just to wish every one who's suported Lestat's. A very cool Yule and all the best for 2004. We will be back in the New Year, (whatch this space) And hey Talor get in touch matey,We're all missing you is it cold enough for you in Poland?

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