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Club nameRage
Street Address/DirectionsDown on the seafront with all the other clubs in southend.
DescriptionA hideously underaged affair that plays mainly nu-metal but comes out every week with a few gems along the lines of Joy Division, The Fall, Skinny Puppy and KMFDM.The DJs are mad clearly.Cheap to get in and reasonable drink prices, just watch out for the 14 year olds
Opening HoursTuesdays 9.00 till 2.00
Submitted byxela
Submitted on:2000-12-04
User comments
Submitted by:Glenn / 2001-02-25
All I can say is watch out for the mainstream 5ive/S Cubs 7/ Brittney Spears part of the night. You have been warned! Although if you take advantage of the relatively cheap yet not very nice drinks they serve (urghhh, Hofmeister), then it can still be an OK night. They do play the odd gem when you least expect it and you appreciate it a whole more! Enter at your own discretion :>)

Submitted by:Dippy Goffgurl / 2001-09-27
Rage is mad!! It's soooo much fun, you get everyone moshing to the heavy stuff, n' the next minute they're jumping round to an old Ska record... I've only been a few times and I'll admit they do play a bit of rubbish, but if you're only out for a good time then go for it!!!

Submitted by:whisperingpreacher / 2001-10-13
I can only take so much cheese pop. Rage can be fun though. Seems to have got a lot less crowded since they got strict on IDs. Also seems to play an increasing amount of rap / garage mucic :-(

Submitted by:GunnD / 2001-11-06
i have been once but i doubt i will go again, i may have found possibly the worst night in its history to go and i should go back but first impression wasnt one of an overall Gleaming WOW factor! go if u have ABSALOUTLY nothing left to do!

Submitted by:Dies-Irae / 2002-03-24
Well, thankfully, RAGE is now moving back to it's roots, to Storm nightclub in southend. I suspect the entrance prices / drinks will be at least vaguely the same, but the first night back there is this tuesday (26th March) So expect at least some of the old timers to be down there, and hopefully, being at Storm there may be stricter ID control and also a better crowd down there, less babybats clogging the place up.....

Submitted by:Dies-Irae / 2002-04-12
Well, my suspicions were correct, RAGE back at Storm is sooo much better than it was back in Zinc. Entrance prices are 2 w/o a flyer before 10:30 i think, then i dunno after, i've been there pretty early. The doors now open at 9:30 as opposed to 9 which it used to be. The music rage has actually opened up a tad, you still get the same crap they;'ve been playing week in week out back at Zinc/adlib etc but tyhere's been some Slayer, Metallica and so on thrown in, so i guess it has improved a tad. While stocks last San Miguel beer is like 1 a bottle, they go in anbout an hour and a half of opening however. And finally, yes they ARE stricter on ID, so there are FAR less little kiddies roaming the plush carpets of Storm, which generally makes for a better night on the whole =)

Submitted by:Glenn / 2002-07-05
Would you believe it, Rage has moved yet again!! It is now held at Chameleon nightclub on Lucy Road by the seafront (formerly Ad-Lib). Still think that there is a little too much pop music played there though :(. Though admittedly, they did play Star Industry a few weeks ago and so are forgiven :)

Submitted by:just_rose / 2002-07-31
SHIT! just shit! Mind you, most places in ESSEX are shit I should know I've lived here all my bloody life! If you want to go out somewhere good you wont find it in Essex,you might aswell stay indoors and drink yourself to death.really.

Submitted by:meretricula / 2002-09-05
Big changes are a-foot at Rage, go to their homepage for further info as typing it all out would take me forever!! =)

Submitted by:Alpha_Shell / 2003-07-16
I was dragged last along week against my will, but to my surprise ((and despite the obviously underage population -though i'm told this population is much smaller now than it was previously)) i had a pretty good night // cheap drinks and they played Sisters Of Mercy & Depeche Mode, which kept me happy :)

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