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Club nameBug (at Pozition)
Club webpageBug (at Pozition)
Street Address/DirectionsPozition Nightclub
135 George Street
Streetmap URLAvailable here
DescriptionThe unthinkable has happened, and Pozition is now hosting an alternative night! That said, it's really not that bad - I have a review here. I advise all and everyone to check it out - smashing night, good music, reasonable drinks, disturbing decor. What more could you want?
Opening Hours9:30PM to 2:30AM, bar closes at 2Am
Submitted by
Submitted on:2003-08-04
User comments
Submitted by: / 2003-08-10
Correction: The opening hours are 10:30 till 2:30, sorry!

Submitted by:midiansvamp / 2003-08-24
Well its the same night that was at room. But thats as it should be as its only the night (bug) thats moved. Much nicer club, its a bitch when you don't like something find out its nice and that it only makes it worse. Definately worth a visit, Mr Dj chippy has even played Sisters and Ministry. Possibly maybe possibly i know its all to much, but could times be a changing. Well I doubt it...

Submitted by:Squiggle / 2003-08-28
This night rocks! It's an unholy combination of music and club... but dancing to Rammstein in UV and strobes is probably a new experience for the folks of Hull!

Submitted by:CAEDES / 2003-09-20
Excellent club and night problem...too many stairs for eccentrically long coats! ...a small price to pay me thinks;then again, i hate tripping over and making myself look stupid. Music takes a while to get going, but everything else is real nice...even the bouncers (big, scary looking sorts) are friendly!

Submitted by:Evillittlebitch / 2003-09-27
Its not perfect, but the dj plays a reasonably good amount of variation, and you can actually get served at the bar! (it's huge!) one thing not go in the girls toilets without being armed with some extra strong shades, and a big tin of black paint. Think barbie doll. think pinky and glittery. think girly girl, think girly giggling, girly chatting/gossiping, think lepoard skin sofa...AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! *now mentally scarred for life!* Prehaps I'll have to pretend to be a guy and go in their toilets instead. Its safer!

Submitted by:dreadful_shadow / 2003-10-30
Strobes you say? Bugger!

Submitted by:midiansvamp / 2004-10-12
as far as i know, but don't quote me on this, their doing a friday night bug every second friday of the month.....

Submitted by:wintermute / 2004-11-23
The bouncers are overly-keen in my opinion, but wednesday nights at Pozition retain a good and friendly atmosphere in spite of them, with lots of lovely people in attendance. See the Spiders staff off duty! Observe the drunkenness! The debauchery! The cameraderie! See them dance, twitch and gibber inanely!* All for the small admission fee of 3. * Warning... may be unsuitable for those who can still remember their behaviour the following saturday.

Submitted by:tortured_desire / 2004-12-11
Its been a while since i have seen Pozition, but I am reliably informed that its as glittery as ever yay! Cant help it, its my faery side hahaha, its a good nite out, besides it being in the middle of the week, and as for ray moaning about the glitter, i remember a day in the distant past where she too wore glitter, granted i attacked her in her bathroom and covered her in it hahahaha

Submitted by:Die Fledermaus / 2005-01-07
Now open at 10 instead of 10.30. And after 10 plus years of sitting in the box office for bug (at it's various locations around hull) this Month will be my last)

Submitted by:Galatoni / 2005-04-28
While i've only been a few times readers should probably take my comment with a pinch of salt. The first time i went was an excellent night, lots of nice tracks. Second time i went was greatly dissapointing... many occasions the DJ managed to completely clear the dance floor by putting on some pretty weak tracks. It was mostly likely a one-off night though, i'd definately give it a try :D like i say, first time was a blast!

Submitted by:midiansvamp / 2006-06-16
RIP BUG. "it's on a break" Mx

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