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Club namePink Toothbrush
Club webpagePink Toothbrush
Street Address/Directions19-23 High Street
Streetmap URLAvailable here
DescriptionThe uks longest running indie alternative nightclub is what they say about themselves. Its a good night out on a friday night and awful on saturday.Friday is a standard alternative affair with a more goth slant up until 12. Cheap to get in. Free before 9.30. Drinks are expensive but then it is in essex
Opening Hours9 until 2 friday and saturday
Phone Number01268 770003
Submitted byxela
Submitted on:2000-12-03
User comments
Submitted by:Severina / 2001-01-07
just to add that there is a specific goth set every 3 weeks on a friday from 9pm or 9.30pm, the dj will play most requests, and covers old goth, new goth, industrial too! next one 26th jan and every 3 weeks then after

Submitted by:Freakie / 2001-01-21
Talking from a 7+ year ago perspective - the PTB was always good for a laugh, or a scare, depending... usually got too faced to remember - so it comes highly recommended!

Submitted by:Jamie / 2001-02-05
I've recently been told that I was "part of fixtures" at this place, and also refused entrance due to overindulgence on the gin bottle! (both by the bouncers!) Great place on a proper "goth nite" and a "classic" all round!

Submitted by:Dies-Irae / 2001-08-04
The "goth" night has fallen through but have started to play a more consistant set of alternative music as opposed to the occasional nu(nausiatingly unoriginal)-metal song and some garage and dance crap. Become a better night on the whole, even though it's reputation as a goth club is frightfully misunderstood. Also on a sad night, rumours have it that Bill (the only good DJ) shall not be coming back to the Pink Toothbrush to play his once a month goth slot. But the normal DJ's have started to spin some Sisters, New Order and so on, so it's all good.

Submitted by:olgoth / 2001-08-08
Just a quick note to let anyone know that the reason that Bill, the only good goth DJ the toothbrush ever had (and i'd been going since it was Crocs), has stopped is because he now runs Carry On Screaming... there's info on this very site for it. or see for any more info. Oh, and its a far better night for not having a crowd made up of 90% "normal" people.

Submitted by:Dark Fairy / 2001-09-03
i didn't really think that much of it. Not goth in the slightest i don't think i even heard any real metal. The crowd was hardly 'alterative' if i can say that.

Submitted by:Dies-Irae / 2001-09-27
The brush will be hosting, as of October 11th 2001, a metal night playing shit ranging from Limp Wristed to Pantera, so anyone who wants to come out for a good mosh, i suspect there should be something going. Prices are free with a flier (they're scattered around at the brush on club nights right now) and 2 before 10. The prices are raised to 3-4 after 10.

Submitted by:Redmaiden / 2001-10-07
Pin Toothbrush is allright for an alternative club especially if there is not much else in that area to go too. Mainly filled with goth wannabes, and spooky kids. Better than a trip to a townie club tho!

Submitted by:Dies-Irae / 2001-10-22
Found out as of friday just passed (not sure how long they've been doing it) but if you have a student card you can get a quid or so off entry, better than a kick in the balls i guess...

Submitted by:whisperingpreacher / 2001-11-19
Finally got to go to the brush, and I loved it. The atmosphere was great and it was completely packed. A real mix of people too, as it filled with trendies once the clubs closed - but that dosent really matter, does it?

Submitted by:GlennPsychosis / 2001-11-20
Sheep on Drugs played at The Toothbrush many moons ago !!! .... and when it was "Crocs" they used to have the little snappy fellas in tanks in there!! Honest!!

Submitted by:Im_under_your_skin / 2003-07-16
Great for a night out once in a while but the place needs a real makeover. Music is good for goth a metal untill about 12 and then the dance music starts to creep in.Nice people to mix with and the barstaff are fun.

Submitted by:Sakura / 2003-11-07
the brush is not really goth, alternative definatly, it is allways a good night though, for me anyway, ive never had a bad one. the awful trendy men oggling the slighly more exposed amongst my group gets a bit tedious but letting them down harshly is all part of the fun........

Submitted by:The_Witches_Familiar / 2004-03-13
Think the pink toothbrush is doing a night in Romford at Hollywoods, with Coma upstairs on Tuesdays. And the Freak djs have moved to McCluskys. I think I got that right, and I dont think it was a one off. But haven't bothered checking it out since the pink toothbrush clearly isn't one of the most gothy of places.

Submitted by:count_libido / 2004-07-21
They used to play some good tunes when I lived in Rayleigh and it had a good friendly atmosphere and quite a history. Besides, let's face it - in a sea of burberry and white stilettos down the Kurzal, where else is there to look alternative?

Submitted by:paradox / 2004-09-12
Fond memories !! Croc's yes I remember it well (circa 1982 I think). Pink Toothbrush? many a good night drinking pints of snakebite through a straw. Oh to be a student again. Long live the Pink Toothbrush !!

Submitted by:Flameboy / 2004-09-17
I got dragged along to this club once after seeing a Jimi Hendrix tribute band in Chelmsford. All I can remember is alot of men in dresses and my feet getting stuck to the floor :( !!!

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