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Club nameThe Blast Chamber @ The Soundhaus
Club webpageThe Blast Chamber @ The Soundhaus
Street Address/DirectionsSoundhaus
Gt Russel Street, Northampton
(Behind The Chronicle and Echo building)
DescriptionA large club playing a good range of alternative music.

Room 1 has dj's ron and Shaun playing Rock, Metal, Emo, Punk, Grunge, Industrial etc.

Room 2 has Dj Sid playing 80's, New Romantic, Retro and Cheese.

Possibilities of the 3rd room reopening again later in the year (Was the goth room). Although not a completely goth venue its the only alternative night in northampton at the weekends, and the DJ's do their best to please.

Entry 4.50 b4 11 (3.50 nus) 5.50 after. Happy hour from 9 - 10pm, promo's vary.
Opening HoursSaturdays 9pm - 2am
Submitted byEstatica
Submitted on:2003-08-02
User comments
Submitted by:Mav / 2003-08-06
Sid will generally play whatever goth he can get away with, but usually more mainstream stuff (eg. Sisters, Cure, Cult etc) but don't expect any EBM... More like the old days of the Mud Club.

Submitted by:SPUTNIKBABE / 2003-08-07
would be cool if the 3rd room opened again !!! keep us posted !!!

Submitted by:digi_droid / 2003-10-29
room 2 has sadly become full of aggro drunk men, and seems to be mainly stuff like chesney hawkes, tiffany etc etc...

Submitted by:Estatica / 2003-11-06
I'm talking with Management about the third room and they are keen on re-opening it, also doing it up a bit more, all we need are dj's though.

Submitted by:metalligoth / 2003-11-07
Good club, but would love the 3rd room to open again. A whole night of goth is a bit much for me, and it's nice to wander between the rooms for a bit of a change.

Submitted by:Crown_of_Ivy / 2003-11-07
Opening the downstairs room again would definitely be a good move. Preferably without the 'silent' movies though!!! There's only so much Transformers (muted) that a girl can take...hehehehe Bring back the Goth room!!

Submitted by:SPUTNIKBABE / 2003-12-06
well speaking as someone who has dj-ed in room three they need to pay decent money to dj's who work this room and lose the attitude towards goths ! If you want a better night then go to the Black sheep on fri's or ascension on last sat of each month

Submitted by:Estatica / 2003-12-08
3rd room will be open on new year special then full time relaunch is rumoured to be in Feburary. This will be just the goth room though, not the sofa room. Dj's lined up are Gav from Ascension and Alan and Mark and possible guest slots from Bonzi, As it was before it closed, And the best it ever was too. Payment of Dj's is an issue which is being discussed with management.

Submitted by:Estatica / 2003-12-29
Still unsure of whats going on with the 'full' return of the goth room, management are now denying plans to relaunch it. Crazy. Will post more when more is known.

Submitted by:babygoesblue / 2004-01-02
i would like to thank estatica for his comments on christmas eves ascension allthough it was fun it was a quiet night. allso would like to say that i know as little about the basement reopening as ronnie but if i hear anything concrete i will let people know gav (ascension) ps happy new year.

Submitted by:Estatica / 2004-06-26
Ascension is now held in the basement on the last Saturday of every month, with Blast Chamber upstairs. So thats 3 clubs for the price of 1! bargain.

Submitted by:silvermoon / 2004-07-13
AHHH, my home town!! Soundhaus is always worth a visit, with or without its goth room. Brilliant atmosphere, prices not too scary, plenty of good music to keep you on the dancefloor. My friends here in Manchester think its well worth the journey down to Northampton for a night there.

Submitted by:babygoesblue / 2004-10-12
yes its true were back in the soundy good job we like it there (as in the ascension dj's)

Submitted by:neebee / 2004-10-12
as far as im aware the goth room is open once a month. music was quite banging last time i went and had a reasonable atmosphere.

Submitted by:NitOCris / 2006-02-07
very kewl place to go and see bands,nice low stage.u can get really close to them:) other nites r really kewl aswell,really nice ppl,good music,well worth visiting northampton for:)

Submitted by:dragonlancer / 2007-06-03
their website breaks frequently.

Submitted by:bod / 2007-06-14
Unfortunately Ascension is not being held here at pressent due to "a dangerous water damaged ceiling". Let's hope it makes a return.

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