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Club nameThe Rig
TownNottingham Centre
Street Address/DirectionsTalbot St. Next to the Tap & Tumbler and Rock City
Description"Sanctuary" night. Held once per month. Goth/Industrial/EBM/80's
DJ. Spiky Mike
Opening Hours9-2
Submitted byPrincess Tais
Submitted on:2000-11-24
User comments
Submitted by:Rabble / 2001-01-08
It's a very small venue, you're looking at chicken wire on the ceiling, so jumping is not advisable. There are plenty of seats and you can quite happily chat away between tunes. The drinks are expensive, but it's generally a good idea to get a few down you in the Tap anyway.

Submitted by:thesaviour / 2001-04-01
very good for getting into rock city on a saturday night. the queue for the rig is always shorter and always goes down quiker. then you've got the coat place on your left. get rid of your coat, grab a drink and make your way upstairs to rock city.

Submitted by:Malach / 2001-04-09
SANTUARY NIGHT alternate Thursdays,( 80s/goth ) chirpy atmasphere!

Submitted by:Andrew Jackson / 2001-07-20
The first Goth venue I went to in Nottingham was Sanctuary. Used to be held once a month, now infrequently for some reason. Selected drinks (Strongbow, Heineken, and a couple of others) are cheap at 1.50 a pint. If you like the Sisters, All About Eve, Damned, Pixies, Dead'll LOVE this place! Last time I went there, I met an Angel... :o)

Submitted by: / 2001-10-23
Oh, what a many splendoured thing the Rig is!!!! Usually hilariously funny if only thanks to the spandex clad mulleted hordes that gather in its bowels on a Saturday night. Always seems to be a good atmosphere and the stage (echos of school discos here?) is perfect for air guitaring and posing on. Beer is ruinously expensive but the Tap n'Tumbler isn't far away!!!!

Submitted by:faery queen / 2001-11-01
i went to my first ever sanctuary night last night (halloween!) and it was brilliant. the best night i have had so far. all the songs were the popular songs by various goth/80s bands, but they acutally played goth and 80s, so i was happy (not many other places play traditional goth, or 80s even though they like to advertise that they do)the entrance was cheap, one pound with a student card before 11, or two pound without, and the drinks were cheap too. best night ever!!! i just wish it was a more regularly event.

Submitted by:Julie-Anne Borgias / 2002-01-17
im sorry but i like cock rock and this place is fantastic for it, where else can i turn up in full goth kit and look vaguely at home headbanging to skid row and motley crue

Submitted by:Gadge / 2002-09-23
As far as I know Rock City have binned graveyard nights at the Rig. Sanctuary will probably stil be on though.

Submitted by:faery queen / 2003-02-09
you are more likely to hear goth played in here than in the rest of rock city on a saturday night. the occassional temple of love typem, and not much else, but it is goth! and you won't get anything else goth played anywhere else here. drinks are pricey on saturday. monday night are 80s night. mike will alternative songs and new romantic stuff, as well as your usual pop stuff. will play anything you ask for, except dephche mode, cos he hates them! drinks are dirt cheap, 1 pound for the most part, as is entrance. a great place to go. used to be full of goths, now it isn't, but it's still great. and you don't always get the same thing played every week either. occassionally you will get something that you haven't heard in AGES!

Submitted by:Baybee-Bat / 2003-05-22
They have Damage here..its a great night. Im glad im only 5'3...Id hate to be 7' like one of my friends...he has to be VERY careful

Submitted by:AdrianEnomis / 2005-03-08
the rigs cooleth. me and the guys (girls too) go there on sunday nights from 7 till 20 for the under 18's thingy-me-wotsit :o) we have fun, but, please keep the chavs away so that they dont put goldie lookin chain on cause its scary and please bring back the old DJ, he was better.

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