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Club nameRock City
TownNottingham Centre
Street Address/DirectionsTalbot Street (near Tap & Tumbler)
DescriptionAlternative nights on Saturdays. Yes, Goth is played!
Opening Hours8-2
Submitted byPrincess Tais
Submitted on:2000-11-24
User comments
Submitted by:Rabble / 2001-01-08
I wouldn't really say goth is played unless you limit it to one, maybe 2 Sisters tracks which is pretty much all you'll get, unless you're a Mansonite. I wouldn't say much rock is played here either - nowadays you're looking at mostly nu-metal and dance music as the majority.

Submitted by:LazarusMateus / 2001-02-23
Used to be an absolutely storming night, not so convinced since they added carpet to the balcony though.

Submitted by:PurpleJess / 2001-02-28
The only time I have heard Goth in this place on a saturday was when Killing Miranda played downstairs... I went once for a Goth night, but so few people turned up that they gave up and let us in to the 80's night going on in the Rig.

Submitted by:Gadge / 2001-03-07
Definately worth going on a Gravyard/Automate (cyberpolis) night, otherwise avoid unless you're really desperate for a Saturday night out. Quite a few spookykids in attendance and bear in mind the DJ considers Rammstein 'cutting edge'...

Submitted by:w.wonka / 2001-03-19
yeah the DJ.....scared to play anything that doesn't vauguely resemble nu-metal anymore.Used to have a nice range, from ska to more-indie-like to some nu-metal (like korn etc)but it was bareable and some goth here and there but now....limp bizkit r us!:(

Submitted by:astro_feline / 2001-03-20
the only times i go to rock city now on a sat night, i end up regreting it. they play a few good tracks but rarely. oh and dont sit down, the floor is covered in black slime! yuck! they have some good bands on occasionally though.

Submitted by:gothachu / 2001-03-22
Rock City used to be *the* club to go to if you were into the rock scene. I have to say that last time I went, I was sorely disappointed. Maybe it's just a case of wishing it was still the same as it was five or so years ago, but I think it's changed & not for the better. Someone also ought to clean the floor. If you stand still for longer than ten minutes, your feet get stuck.

Submitted by:Xanthe / 2001-05-21
I don't know about the music, but was at Rock City a while back for a Cradle of Filth gig (check out the webcast people it rocked), and Rock City seemed okay, although I have to agree with the gripes about the floors and such. Sound quality was quite good, but gets muddy, rather than quiter, when you go upstairs.

Submitted by:necrodeath / 2001-12-23
i was there last weekend, to much numetal played, i hate linkin park and i got stuck to the floor, when i wasn't sliding across it and i'm still not sure how i got in cos i'm only 14

Submitted by:Julie-Anne Borgias / 2002-01-17
well its ok for giggs and new rock/ kiddy metal, but it never really gets into gothic swing, shame as its full of baby goths and necro virgins.

Submitted by:miruina67 / 2002-11-04
rock city has gone right downhill,it use to be the place to go but not now.i go because there isn't really anywhere else but it just plays ska garbage.

Submitted by:semiazas / 2003-03-07
Its a good place to go for a night out, but I think it caters for the more "mainstream" type of alternative music. They put on a god range of bands though.

Submitted by:lilac_honey / 2003-03-11
Great place for gigs, but over the last few years, I've found that this place has gone down hill somewhat as a club (maybe I'ma just hard to please..???) Great if you go with a bunch of friends..everyone to their own I guess.

Submitted by: / 2003-03-31
Is great if you consider Cradle Of Filth and Marilyn Manson cutting edge goth, and im afraid the only 'metal' your gonna get is Korn, Disturbed and maybe a new Machine Head. *sighs and shakes head*

Submitted by:Dragon_Arms / 2003-05-23
Great place to go and get destroyed (before, not in there, WAY to expensive). Saturadays are great if you like your classics (in The Rig) and upstairs plays the usual stuff, so itll suit all sorts of tastes.

Submitted by:Crash / 2003-05-27
Visited on Saturday night. The club is fairly big, with three floors. One was playing old rock, the main floor played mainly nu metal and the remaining one a bit of an odd mix I find hard ot define. I don't recall hearing anything gothy the entire night, though that may be down to alcohol abuse as much as anything else.... On the whole, not a bad place and I would consider going again. For more gothy music, i was recommended Spiders, so maybe I'll try there the next time I am up that way.

Submitted by:Selphie / 2003-06-09
Not very gothy, but a good alternitave place, big, so coming from Luton I'd say that was a big factor! I went there for New Years and it was pretty cool! Good atmosphere, cool people, (expensive!) and generally a gr8 place!

Submitted by: / 2003-06-27
Rock city is ok for a night out, couple of good bands played/playing this year, good for gigs ect. Do tend to play a lot of mainstream music though...

Submitted by:DarkHeart_Jay / 2003-07-03
Saw Anthrax there last week, BEST.GIG.EVER! was awesome everyone seemed well hyped up and involved, atmosphere was great, beats the hell out of our local Guildhall. 10/10

Submitted by:SpookyGeek / 2003-07-23
Excellent place for gigs ( Roll on deftones Sept 16th ! ) Club nights are okay too...the all nighters and distortion are fun....

Submitted by:Khephren / 2003-07-28
Used to be the place to go. The goth all nighters were brilliant, upstairs and down. Long time ago though, before they opened the rig.

Submitted by:midnight_rain / 2003-08-18
Great place for gigs, not a bad place for a night out either.

Submitted by:AdrianEnomis / 2003-08-28
okay place to go, get some cool people- placebo (he had a hissy fit), queen adreena, disturbed was the best ever though, anthrax...

Submitted by:miss_mandi / 2003-09-02
i went a couple of days ago, after a couple of years of not going, and i feel it is my duty to warn people about the downstairs toilets - eughhhhhhhhhhh... i'm sure it's illegal. i'd never been in them before - so maybe they just haven't cleaned them since the place opened?

Submitted by:Y2Jabba / 2003-09-09
we went see 1 Min Silence there n it was 1 of the best gigs ive ever been to, the place is huge, personaly tho i prefer the RIG end of the place.

Submitted by: / 2003-09-09
The past 2 times ive been on a Sat ive decided not to go again. The last straw was my last visit. Not 1 good song all night. The Rig has nothing but cock rock. The drinks are awful. And its so dirty it makes me cringe. I was so bored I HAD to leave early. With the odd exception of a gig, wont be going again for a long long time.

Submitted by:Y2Jabba / 2003-09-23
1 of the dj's andyman also djs at bolted in stoke-on-trent staffs, its a realy good nite if ur visiting the area, its every fri nite

Submitted by:DemonMonkey / 2003-10-24
Have to agree great place for gigs. The club side of things isnt really to my liking though. Drinks also seem a little pricey.

Submitted by:Octobers_Raven / 2004-02-27
I hope this place has improved since I last visited here.. as I am due to pay a visit in may..I do hope their music policy has been slightly adjusted! XxXxXxX Still I like the venue!

Submitted by:doomwolf / 2004-03-14
fantastic veneue for gigs! only been there once, but really liked it!

Submitted by:Flameboy / 2004-04-12
I have been to Rock CIty a few times in the last few years and have found it to reek of stale beer, urine and sick. The music has never been that inspiring either with the main room upstairs playing kiddy rock and punk, the rig playing totally old school cheesy metal and the other room just dire excuses for music. But I'm still gonna go every now and then cos it's the biggest rock/alternative music club in the UK. Never know, things might improve

Submitted by:Nekura / 2004-05-05
When't there for the first time a few weeks back... and I'm afraid to say that I left pretty much dissapointed. Don't get me wrong, it did have its moments... mainly in the Rig... But It all felt like a Indie gathering upstairs. The Basement was OK, but it just didn't feel right in there... Maybe I was expecting too much from the hype there was about the place. But at the end of it all, I wasn't impressed. I can imagine its great for live bands though.

Submitted by:sinclair / 2004-05-27
This place is the business. Ive seen some great bands here like Rossetta Stone at the 1993 xmas nightmare and Nosferatu and Children on Stun. The place has secured its place in the greats of goth history. If they still do graveyard nights go, the people are beautiful, the dry ice is on and the music is loud and goth! go,go,go!!!

Submitted by:bob_bobson / 2004-06-08
Why had i never heard of this place before??!!! i went in the end of January for a bit of a weekend holiday, and hell yea!! the place rock big time. make all the clubs back in belfast look like their being held inside a shoebox. will be back soon and this time will be there for an all nighter. goth tunes may not be forthcoming too much but when your there in the middle of it all, it just kicks ass

Submitted by:sarkany / 2004-08-27
Rock City used to be THE place for any sort of alt music - it had a cool mix of everything , hard, soft, dark etc... is now a victim of it's own success - go, becuase it's a legend but don't expect too much

Submitted by:Flameboy / 2004-09-17
(to the tune of Blue Oyster Cult's "Godzilla) - Rock, Rock, Rock, Rock, Rock City! I dunno whether to love this place or not. I have had really good times here and some not so good times. They always seem to change their music policy (which I spose is good cos it keeps everything fresh) but sometimes it ain't that good. Heck, I'll just have to keep going til I make a desision

Submitted by:AdrianEnomis / 2005-04-13
they were voted number 1 live venue for gigs in the 1999 and 2005 kerrang poll

Submitted by:Baybee-Bat / 2005-07-17
Its good for gigs, and not much else. As already said, it does have its moments....but not very often.

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