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Club namePlanet
LocationWest Midlands
Street Address/DirectionsThornley Street
Close to the Casino
DescriptionPlanet is not a bad place to go on a Saturday night. They play a wide variety of music ranging from heavy metal to new metal to punk and occasionally some goth. Dark but friendly atmosphere.
Theres a live band night on Thursdays which is worth checking out.
Friday nights are only good if you're into indie and brit pop type stuff, but I wouldn't recommend it personally.
Opening HoursSat 10:30 - 3am, Fri 10:00 - 2am
Submitted byIrriyan
Submitted on:2003-04-02
User comments
Submitted by:daemon_kat / 2003-08-03
Hmm...The planet is o.k, (but i think you have to be drunk)Theres nowt wrong with it, but when i went, i had a bad night. The drinks aren't too expensive either....Its a tad dark( try scurrying round the floor for half an hour looking the back of a flesh tunnel!), and there isn't really anywhere to have a conversation with anyone(its not all about dancin' ya know!)and i found that if you don't live in wolvo, you gotta plan well in advance what your gonna be doin 'cause transport is rubbish!(we walked for 3 HOURS to get back home!)but its o.k.....

Submitted by:freedom / 2003-08-21
the Planet is ok I bin there a few times, but yes I got to agree its bit of a trek cos I live in Telford so got to plan transport well in advance or crash at a mates. If I remember right the sat night is called Hell night not bad. But the Fri is called Heaven night all indie crap.

Submitted by:little_gothic_bunny / 2004-10-03
planet is ok venue... not great but could be worse... two floors, bottom playing more lighter stuff usually (think killers, slightly trendy stuff), upstairs more classics and heavier stuff... average drink prices, average music, average venue... not really worth going to wolverhampton for but ok if you live nearby...

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