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Club nameClub Temptation
LocationThe Isle of Wight
Club webpageClub Temptation
Street Address/Directions17-18 Lower St.James steet (opposite Dorothy Perkins)
DescriptionGothic night every thursday, one of the busiest rock nights on the island, plays gothic,alternative and rock music. Has the added bonus of not having a load of skate-punk children which usually hang around in the Squaddie.
Opening Hoursstarts at about 10pm
Phone Number01983 525235
Submitted bybeautiful_nightmare
Submitted on:2003-03-28
User comments
Submitted by:beautiful_nightmare / 2003-10-16
Starts at 9pm and finishes at 2am, there is a 2 admition fee, from 9-10pm its buy one get one free on drinks which all resonably priced. Last thursday of the months usualy is a theme night. If you dont live in newport it is advisable to book a taxi in advance, as it is a thursday the last buses are usualy around 11:30pm. Nice venue and a good atmosphere.

Submitted by: / 2003-11-13
Yes, its usually always a good night out, worth going to. Also, its a laugh seeing people dress up for the theme night. Good music. Drinks are alright in price and it is best to go in on the first hour so you get all your drinks which is buy one get one free. So get drunk!

Submitted by: / 2003-11-17
I hear its a Rocky Horror Picture theme night on the 27th November...I shall be going me thinks :)

Submitted by:yoda / 2004-01-04
Definately a good night out. The music is far better here than the Squaddie, if only because it is a dedicated night put on only for us 'alternative' types! Bit of a pain to get home from, unless you have a lift or a taxi booked. It's annoying cos Thursdays on the Island are quite big on the club scene, so why Southern Vectic wont put on a night bus is beyond me. Oh well, it's a good night out. And buy one get one free is good too!!!

Submitted by:black_rainbow_ / 2004-02-01
School Uniform Theme next Thursday (5th Feb). Should be interesting ;)

Submitted by:yoda / 2004-02-11
The end of this month (Feb '04) is going to be a Masked Ball!!! Also, Pushy is going to be doing a monthly special where he'll play an hour of dedicated music such as goth, industrial etc etc...give him a suggestion and he might give it a go.

Submitted by:black_rainbow_ / 2004-02-13
On the last Thurs at the end of this month, the theme is "Masked Ball". Now I gotta find a pretty dress :)

Submitted by:black_rainbow_ / 2004-02-15
By the way, the website has a new address and new look. Its Theres photos on there too. Look out for yourself...

Submitted by:Dreadful_hour / 2004-03-03
The theme night for the end of March is another Fetish Night, always fun though, not that i dress any different! Pushy's also doing an hour of Black metal for us dark people who don't particually like the music that's played every week. It's not heavy enough!

Submitted by:Dreadful_hour / 2004-03-08
I saw an AD in the County Press, and apparently the fancy dress for the end of the month has changed. Come as your favorite Rock Star...

Submitted by:yoda / 2004-03-12
Apparently Pushy was meant to mention this. He didn't know about this rock star thing. We'll just have to ask him next week what's going on, cos he should have announced something. Or, just come as a rockstar but in fetish too!

Submitted by:Dreadful_hour / 2004-03-15
Maybe we should all come up with a few ideas for Fancy Dress to help Pushy? As you all probably know, they're all being repeated and people might loose interest in such a popular night.

Submitted by:BlackCat101 / 2004-03-17
That would be a good idea, there isnt enough people there as it is, we shouldnt kill the few with boredom! Cartoon night would be a laugh.... Dont forget the 25th march is Fetish night! Break out the PVC and whips, and bring a friend ;D

Submitted by:black_rainbow_ / 2004-04-16
I hear this months theme is Rockstar. Its gonna be hard cos we all dress like typical rock stars neway

Submitted by:Dreadful_hour / 2004-04-16
For those who don't yet know, this months fancy dress is Favorite Rock Stars. Bit hard for us girls!

Submitted by:Dreadful_hour / 2004-04-24
Apparently next month is Pirates! yay!!

Submitted by:Dreadful_hour / 2004-04-26
And yet another week of crappy pictures on the website. Did anybody know anyone apart from Mandy?!?Maybe we need to point Pushy in the right direction of who to get photos of!lol Does anyone have their own website with Temptation photos on?

Submitted by:yoda / 2004-05-05
Yep, the end of the month is definately Pirates! Should be fun, also, the prizes seems to be gig tickets now! So it's going to be worth dressing up! But pirates could be hard to really get noticed!

Submitted by:midnight-rose / 2004-05-12
great place to go speshally on thursdays alternative night great music from d.j pushy not dance stuff tho end of the month is theme night even more fun

Submitted by:Dreadful_hour / 2004-05-22
The prizes on Thursday fancy dress,(1 boy and 1 girl), are Korn tickets. Good if you like them and i'm sure many do!

Submitted by:Dreadful_hour / 2004-06-09
Does anyone know the fancy dress for the end of the month? I am not going to be out until that week but don't want to miss out incase it's a good one!

Submitted by:black_rainbow_ / 2004-06-09
I hear it is "Old People" night on the last Thursday of this month. I may go as a Bondage Biddy :p

Submitted by:shadowwidow / 2004-07-06
sounds like this place is ok when is the best night to go? if anyone could help me out just reply.. that simple thanx *

Submitted by:beautiful_nightmare / 2004-07-09
Thursday Night is the best, it starts at 9pm and is 2 at the door, its buy one get one free on all drinks until 10pm! The music played is all the alternative stuff, people are friendly and there always seems to be a good atmosphere definately the place to go on the Island for a good night out!

Submitted by:Dreadful_hour / 2004-07-11
Everyone there seems alot more social than they used to be. Usually a good night, although i find i have to get a bit drunk to enjoy it! There always seems to be music to everyone's taste too.

Submitted by:black_rainbow_ / 2004-08-07
Pyjama Party at the end of the month (26th Aug)

Submitted by:black_sunshine / 2005-06-22
This Thursday, 23rd! fancy dress, anything u want! 1 pint 50p vodka Lotsa prizes to be won!

Submitted by:beautiful_nightmare / 2005-10-01
Went there 2weeks ago after not having been for a few months, and its still a good night out, the only thing I have to critisise was there wasnt buy1 get1 free on drinks til 10pm anymore :( still managed to get drunk though lol. Aparently Tempts now has a lisence to sell alcohol until 4am (acording to the county press) dont think they be doing that on thursdays but you never know ;)

Submitted by:black_sunshine / 2005-10-05
Carling is 1.50 a pint and vodka is a 1 a shot. Got halloween coming up too!

Submitted by:beautiful_nightmare / 2007-04-22
Temptations is now closed and the alternative night has moved next door to bar bluu, still on thursdays and 2 to get in, They have also started doing buy1 get1 free before 11 which is a bonus but they sem to run out of beer on a regular basis atm.

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