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Club nameXL's
LocationWest Midlands
Street Address/DirectionsFive ways shopping centre
DescriptionLong established 'rawk' club with 3 rooms on Saturday nights. Has a quite respectable Goth turnout and does at least try to cater for Goth/Industrial tastes (bless their little cotton socks) by playing at least a couple of mainstream tracks (usually NIN *moan* and SoM *groan*). Warning! - expect 30min waits for the bar and wave upon wave of Nu-Metal kiddies.
Opening HoursSat 10pm till 4am
Submitted by
Submitted on:2000-11-16
User comments
Submitted by:Bex / 2000-11-29
But most goths wouldn't go there if they were paid to! About two goth tracks played (usually the same two) and is full of ageing rockers and skater types.

Submitted by:BlackRaven / 2001-10-16
Not a bad club, wouldnt say that it plays much in the way of Goth music but there are quite a few goths turn up there. Best nights are when all 3 rooms are open as it does get a lot crowded. be very warry of the younger lot who dont quite know how to fit in yet. And the odd slopknot fan in a boiler suit and gas mask, stear them away from walls as the have a habit of bumping into them. All in all its a fairly decent night out, but they could do with more air conditioning to be honest.

Submitted by:SatyR / 2001-12-10
Tried it last Saturday with some friends, we trekked all the way from Telford. We had a good time, and although some of the comments made by other users are correct, it is a place where you can go to escape the trendy type who seem to infest the city centre. I've been to better, but I've also been to worse. Worth a visit at least once, if only to make up your own mind.

Submitted by:space007 / 2001-12-19
Went a couple of weeks ago for the first time. Made the mistake of getting hammered before hand and found the 3 rooms really hard to work out were I was and where my mates had gone. Very Nu-metally. Not sure if I would go again it wasn't great but it wasn't awful.

Submitted by:kittie / 2002-01-24
I've been there a few times with chums and we've usually had fun, although the people with the heavy sweaters can get quite smellie :) hehe

Submitted by: / 2002-07-30
Xls is an ok club (its where my mates drag me of to on a regular basis) if you wanna go for a goth night out DONT come here, but its for having a laugh with your mates, i have enjoyed it more ever since they put sofas back in so i can go to sleep when they start playing eminem, well i like it! :)

Submitted by:Eyeholes_in_a_paperbag / 2002-09-13
Not as bad as everyone makes out, sure its a dive filled with underage alternative people in their slipknot hoddies that their moms ironed for them but it grows on you after a time (I just love my little corner with me red sofa)If your in birmingham theres not much else on offer so check it out.

Submitted by:Oddandevil / 2002-10-12
Avoid. Simple as that.

Submitted by:faerie / 2002-12-03
not at all goth but can be a lot of fun do not go in the school holls its bad when its tearm time but school holls means its populated by 13 year olds im not kidding

Submitted by:Demoria / 2003-02-14
Xls is not that good, just loads of underage kids go because they can get in. Its full of metallers and no goth music is played at all except the odd Nin songs which are boring anyway. I have been there twice and will only go again to kill some marilyn manson fans.

Submitted by:miss kitty / 2003-03-23
xl's is now worth going to, it has new dj's in the main room and music is much better and more varied (ie. the haunted, at the gates, pantera, decapitated and even some industrial) nu-metal and ska is also played (as usual)

Submitted by:error404a / 2003-03-29
XL's Closed... well moved anyways, saturday nights will now be at the academy, an will be called subculture, just the usual music, metal, linkin shit (i mean shit park...linkin shit park....sumthin like that) slipknot etc... oh and i think they're gonna stop the little brats (i mean kids) from gettin in, go to edwards no8 instead...

Submitted by:richardsaxon / 2003-05-21
Didn't like the place when I went. Didnt play what I liked, and the drinks were just SO EXPENSIVE. Nope, never again!!

Submitted by:little_gothic_bunny / 2003-06-16
XLs was ok when it was open. drinks yes expensive musik ok sometimes crap but i grew up there!!! there is no place so lax on id and so full of under 18s its funny... i kinda miss it actually....

Submitted by:fearisthemindkiller / 2003-07-11
i miss it, it was a laugh afterall :D

Submitted by:glammygoth / 2003-08-17
XLs didn't close, except the bitter DJs who were fired advertised the night as moving to the new venue claiming it closed down. It's still there, though to be honest really isn't living up to its days of old when it used to be the centre of the B'Ham rock scene. Ah well....

Submitted by:Y2Jabba / 2003-08-26
Im from stoke n its probibly my fav club, hope they reopen it soon, there was realy good music n anywhere with uv lights is good :-)

Submitted by:Kekea / 2003-08-28
XL's was great (although the place needed a creche for the little skaters) up until they hired some new DJs who played godawful music such as Avril Lavigne and Good Charlotte all night. They were fired but apparently tipped off the police about the amount of underage people in the club. The place is closed now.

Submitted by:Y2Jabba / 2003-10-23
what this place is closed for good? never to see the light of day again? thats stupid, hope the re-open soon.

Submitted by:Y2Jabba / 2003-12-06
heard a rumour that this place may be re-opening?! is this true?

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