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Club nameBlackmachine@Club X
Club webpageBlackmachine@Club X
Street Address/Directions46 - 48 St Swithuns Road, Bournemouth.
Just opposite Bournemouth Rail station/Travel Interchange.
Streetmap URLAvailable here
DescriptionBlackmachine is a Goth/Industrial night that features live performances by well-known bands of the genre. Having had success with the likes of Midnight Configuration, Intra-Venus, Brother Orchid, The Narcissus Pool, Zonei, Season's End, Excession, The Chaos Engine, The Sepia, Swarf, Freudstein, Void Construct, Katscan, Psychophile, Libitina and Killing Miranda, upcoming nights will feature Descendents of Cain, Projekt, Faetal, Leechwoman, Cauda Pavonis, Tracer, Passion Play and others. The event takes place every two months on a Friday night.
Opening Hours9.00pm - 2.00am
Submitted byKaiser Bock
Submitted on:2000-10-23
User comments
Submitted by:TheEevilTwins / 2001-08-10
I go to Black Machine every time it's on; it's nice change to the regular Friday night and the musc is very good - usually goth heavy before the bands, then a lot of EBM / synth-pop afterwards. Very friendly locals >=)

Submitted by:slinkyferret / 2001-11-12
Seasons End were amazing! I hope they come back again soon! The band before them were really awful though.

Submitted by:Anjelica / 2001-11-17
Friends from elsewhere in country are envious that Bournemouth has a regular night with goth bands playing. They have to travel miles away or wait for events like Whitby, Black Machine puts Bournemouth on the map!

Submitted by:Gothical / 2002-03-03
Not been to a Blackmachine nite yet I dont think: although I think I should do this time round as I keep hearing good things about it. Better get a Tenner ready for that membership-card I think!

Submitted by:Morgoth / 2003-07-06
Alas, poor Club X - we knew it well. These nights are no more...the slot was given to "Hard House Nights" or whatever, as if Bournemouth needed more trendy nights. Club X is now basically a pure trendiemusic (TM) venue.

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